Master Alliance Provisions Guide (MAPGuide)

BMGF – CureVac, Global Access Commitments Agreement

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Charitability Default” means any event in which Company: (i) commits a material breach of the Global Access Commitments; (ii) fails to comply with the restrictions on the use of funds set forth in this Agreement; or (iii) fails to comply with the U.S. tax code-related obligations.

3. Global Access Commitments

(d) Non-exclusive License. Subject to the Existing Agreements, in connection with and relating solely to each Project the Company will grant the Foundation a worldwide, non-exclusive, perpetual, irrevocable, fully-paid up, royalty-free license to the Funded Developments and the background intellectual property Controlled by the Company that is covering the Platform Technology to the extent reasonably required to use, research, develop, make, sell, and offer-for-sale the Funded Developments for the specific Project, including the Products developed under such Project (the “Global Access License”), but any development, manufacture, sale, offer-for-sale, importation or distribution of products is limited to importation into and distribution to people in Access Countries in a manner consistent with the Foundation’s charitable purpose; provided that the Global Access License will only come into force (condition precedent) in the event of the Company’s insolvency, dissolution or an uncured Charitability Default (Section 8(a) shall apply accordingly). The Global Access License is sublicensable to (i) Foundation-supported Entities, (ii) to CROs and CMOs acting on behalf of the Foundation or the Foundation-supported Entities or (iii) to third party licensees of the Company who have entered into a collaboration and license or asset transfer agreement with the Company With respect to a pathogen covered under a Project, provided, however, that if such third party licensee refuses to enter into a sublicense agreement with the Foundation in spite of a good faith approach of the Foundation to conclude such sublicense agreement, the Foundation may grant a sublicense to any other third party. Any agreement to be concluded in the future under the Existing Agreements will have to respect and cannot limit or restrict the Global Access Commitments.

(i) The Company agrees to take such further actions, including technology transfer, as would be typical industry practice at the time for a company providing a license to a third party, to ensure that the Foundation (or its potential permitted sub-licensee) can effectively take advantage of the Global Access License if a triggering event occurs. Without limiting the foregoing, in connection with any Global Access License hereunder, the Company will take any actions reasonably necessary to grant the Foundation a license or sub-license to any third-party intellectual property applicable to the Platform Technology or the Funded Developments that is necessary to enable the Foundation to effectively take advantage of the Global Access License for the selected Projects.

(ii) Subject to the Existing Agreements, the Company shall permit the Foundation (or its sublicensees) the right to access and cross-reference any applicable IND, BLA or regulatory file Controlled by Company and relating to any Projects and shall, upon request, provide an electronic copy of each such file.