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GHIAA & MAPGuide updates

  • New grant from the Wellcome Trust (August 25, 2020) - We are pleased to announce a new grant from the Wellcome Trust to support further development of the MAPGuide. Read More
  • Launch of the MAPGuide (August 11, 2020) - The GHIAA MAPGuide is now available for public use. We look forward to receiving user feedback as well as additional agreements and provisions to include in the MAPGuide. Read More
  • COVID-19 agreements (August 10, 2020) - GHIAA is tracking new agreements arising from the development of COVID-19 diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines with the aim of including COVID-19 agreements in the MAPGuide. GHIAA also recently provided input to an article published in Science on the importance of knowledge transfer for large-scale vaccine manufacturing in the context of COVID-19. Read More
  • Wellcome Trust grant (November 18, 2019) - GHIAA is excited to announce that it is receiving support from the Wellcome Trust to further develop its online Master Alliance Provisions Guide (MAPGuide), accelerating the introduction of life-saving global health technologies by streamlining the formation of research and development alliances. Read More