Master Alliance Provisions Guide (MAPGuide)

Wellcome Trust Standard Grant Terms & Conditions

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4. Management of the Grant and reporting

4.4. You must tell us at once if you anticipate a significant change to the scope or management of the Grant Activities, or if there are any factors that may adversely affect the Grant Activities or compliance with the Terms and Conditions. This includes:

a) suspicion of or actual fraud, corruption, breach of relevant financial sanctions laws or financial impropriety;

b) any change to your or the Grantholder’s status, or the status of any other Participant (if you have been informed), including suspension from duty or dismissal due to research misconduct, bullying or harassment;

c) if the Grantholder moves organisation during the Grant Period;

d) any significant increase in the number of animals used, where relevant.

4.5. You and the Grantholder are responsible for ensuring that we are sent progress reports and an end of grant report as we require.

4.6. If we require reports via Researchfish, the Grantholder must provide updates on the outcomes of the Grant, as requested, for up to five years after the end of the Grant Period.

4.7. You must send us financial reports as set out in the Award Letter or as we request, and the Final Expenditure Report within three months of the Grant end date.

4.8. If the Grant Activities include research, you must send us a Consolidated IP and Commercialisation Report as we require during the Grant Period and until the Wellcome-funded IP has expired. If you have no commercialisation activities to report, we also require you to confirm this.

5. Audit and financial administration


5.4. You must allow us, at our expense and on reasonable notice, to audit your accounts, records, systems and facilities in relation to the Grant.

5.5. You must give reasonable assistance to us in complying with our legal requirements relating to accounts, audit or examination of accounts, annual reports and annual returns.

5.6. You must keep all invoices, receipts, accounts and other relevant documents relating to the Grant in accordance with your data retention policy, and at a minimum for three years after the Grant end date, and provide these to us if we ask you for them.

5.7. You must ensure that you are able to audit the Grant Activities of any Participant or Organisation in such a way that you are able to comply with your obligations to us.