Master Alliance Provisions Guide (MAPGuide)

Wellcome Trust – PTC Therapeutics, Cancer Treatment Research Funding Agreement

  • Protecting & sharing information | Publication of Results


15.1 So as not to jeopardise any Programme Patent filing or exploitation activity being undertaken, PTC shall (and shall procure that any member of the PTC Group or Licencee shall) provide the Trust with copies of any proposed publication or presentation which relates to a Programme Invention or Programme Intellectual Property in advance of the submission of such proposed publication or presentation to a journal, editor or publication. The Trust shall have at least [**] Business Days from and including the date of receipt from PTC of any proposed publication or presentation to object to the same because there is patentable subject matter relating to the Programme Invention that needs protection or because such publication would materially jeopardise any Exploitation activity. The Trust will not seek to withhold consent where such publication or presentation will not prejudice the protection or Exploitation of the Programme Intellectual Property and/or the Products. 

15.2 In the event that the Trust objects to any such publication or presentation on the basis that it would disclose patentable information, PTC shall refrain (and shall procure that members of the PTC Group, any licensees, the Principal Investigator and the Staff also refrain), from making such publication or presentation for a period of [**] days from date of receipt of such objection in order for PTC to file the relevant patent application(s) with respect to the patentable subject matter contained in the proposed publication or presentation. Following the expiry of such [**] day period or, if earlier, publication of any patent filed by PTC, PTC shall have the right to publish and reproduce any such publication freely with due acknowledgement of the source. 

15.3 A copy of the final manuscript of all research publications that relate to the Programme must be made available from PubMed Central (or UK PubMed Central) as soon as possible and in any event no later than [**] months after publication.