Master Alliance Provisions Guide (MAPGuide)

University of Washington – MPP, Long-acting Injectable HIV Treatment License Agreement

  • Intellectual Property | Protection of IP

8. Intellectual Property Management

The MPP shall have no rights in relation to the conduct of any matter relating to the Licensed Patents, including the filing, prosecution and maintenance thereof.

9. Intellectual Property Infringement

9.1 UW, or any third party UW elects, will be responsible (at its own expense and discretion) for, and be in control of, the prosecution, maintenance and enforcement of all Licensed Patents.

9.2 UW will have the transferable right but not any obligation to bring an infringement action and any such action shall be at its own expense and entirely under its own direction and control.

9.3 MPP will (at its own expense) reasonably assist UW in any action or proceeding being prosecuted if so requested by UW and such reasonable assistance is necessary for UW to fully exercise its rights under such proceeding.

9.4 Upon request, UW shall provide promptly to MPP the freedom to operate analysis, performed in accordance with the Unitaid Agreement, to be shared with Development Partner or Commercialisation Partner.

9.5 MPP will promptly inform UW if it becomes aware of any infringement or potential infringement of any of the Licensed Patents in the Field.