Master Alliance Provisions Guide (MAPGuide)

University of Washington – MPP, Long-acting Injectable HIV Treatment License Agreement

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Licensed Product” means any Final Product which (i) entirely or partially uses the Licensed Technology in either its development, manufacture, regulatory approval or (ii) whose manufacture, use or sale would constitute an infringement of any patent claim within the Licensed Technology.

Schedule 4: Commercialisation Agreement Term Sheet

2. Access Commitments: Commercialisation Partner will ensure that Licensed Products are made available in accordance with the following specific access commitments (the “Specific Access Commitments”): […]

d. Registration Commitment: the Licensed Products will be registered in certain priority countries as designated by MPP, upon agreement with Unitaid to determine the registration plan and timeline.

10. Timelines: The Commercialisation Agreement will include timelines for the development, regulatory approvals and placing of the Licensed Products in the market.