Master Alliance Provisions Guide (MAPGuide)

UC Berkeley, Therapeutics & Diagnostics, Exclusive License Agreement Template

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  • Equitable Access | Territory access commitments



(a) the use of LICENSED PRODUCTS and LICENSED SERVICES for research and development purposes by any nonprofit organization or other third party, anywhere in the world that has the express purpose of developing the LICENSED PRODUCTS or LICENSED SERVICES for use solely for protection from, treatment of, or diagnosis of Neglected Diseases in a Low- or Middle-income country as that term is defined by the World Bank (hereinafter “LMI COUNTRY(IES)”);

(b) SALE of LICENSED PRODUCTS and LICENSED SERVICES in LMI COUNTRIES at or below the cost of manufacture and distribution.



3.3 Humanitarian Purposes.

(a) REGENTS further reserves the right to license REGENTS’ PATENT RIGHTS to any third parties solely for HUMANITARIAN PURPOSES. Such licenses for HUMANITARIAN PURPOSES will (i) expressly exclude the right of the third party licensee to export or SELL the LICENSED PRODUCTS from a LMI COUNTRY into a market outside of the LMI COUNTRY where LICENSEE has introduced or will introduce a LICENSED PRODUCT and where REGENTS’ PATENT RIGHTS exist (such markets hereinafter the ”LICENSEE MARKETS“) and (ii) require the third party licensee to create and maintain distinctive trade dress and trademarks that clearly distinguish third party LICENSED PRODUCTS and LICENSED SERVICES from LICENSEE’S LICENSED PRODUCTS and LICENSED SERVICES, (iii) require such third party LICENSEE’s sale of LICENSED PRODUCTS and LICENSED SERVICES in such LMI COUNTRIES be at or below cost. For avoidance of doubt, such third party licensee may be permitted to export LICENSED PRODUCTS from the LMI COUNTRY of origin to other LMI COUNTRIES and all other countries that are mutually agreed to by REGENTS and LICENSEE; and

(b) Notwithstanding the foregoing, prior to issuance of any such license to REGENTS’ PATENT RIGHTS to a third party, REGENTS will notify LICENSEE of its intention to grant such license so that LICENSEE may have the opportunity to fill the anticipated market need itself and/or to engage in discussions for a sublicense with such third party in accordance with the procedures set forth in Paragraph 4.8. In the event any LICENSED PRODUCT SOLD in any LMI COUNTRY by any such third party according to the provisions of Paragraph 3.3(a) is exported, re-SOLD or otherwise introduced in any LICENSEE MARKETS, LICENSEE will provide REGENTS with written notification thereof, and if such exportation, re-sale or introduction does not cease within ninety (90) days after the date of such notice, then an amount equal to the retail price of LICENSED PRODUCT so exported, re-SOLD or introduced to such LICENSEE Market will be credited to royalties due to REGENTS hereunder.