Master Alliance Provisions Guide (MAPGuide)

U.S. Department of Defense – Inovio, COVID-19 Vaccine Delivery Device, Other Transaction Prototype Agreement

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ARTICLE 3. Project Management.

A. Program Governance: The Awardee is responsible for the overall management of the project development program and related program decisions. The Government will have continuous involvement with the Awardee. The Awardee shall provide access to project results in accordance with the Awardee’s Project Timeline located in Appendix A.

B. Project Managers: The Awardee and the Government will each designate a Project Manager responsible for facilitating the communications, reporting, and meetings between the Parties. Each Party will also designate an alternate to the Project Manager, in case the primary Project Manager is unavailable. See Project Manager/Alternate Project Manager point of contact information for each respective party below: [REDACTED]

C. Key Personnel: The Awardee’s organization shall be established with authority to effectively develop the Prototype. This organization shall become effective upon execution of this Agreement and its integrity shall be maintained until completion or acceptance of the effort by the Government. The key personnel listed in Appendix C are considered to be critical to the successful performance of this Agreement. Prior to replacing these key personnel, the Awardee shall provide written notification to the OTAO. The Awardee shall demonstrate that the qualifications of the proposed substitute personnel are generally equivalent to or better than the qualifications of the personnel being replaced.

D. Subaward Approval: Modifications to subawards and/or new subcontracts under this Agreement after the Effective Date that could reasonably impact the technical approach proposed and accepted by the Government require the approval of the OTAO prior to being executed. E. The OTAO has assigned an Agreements Officer’s Representative (AOR) for this agreement. The Awardee will receive a copy of the written designation outlining the roles and responsibilities of the AOR and specifying the extent of the AOR’s authority to act on behalf of the OTAO. The AOR is not authorized to make any commitments or changes that will affect price, quality, quantity, delivery, or any other term or condition of the contract.

ARTICLE 5. Performance Objectives and Changes


E. Disputes: For any disagreement, claim, or dispute arising under this Agreement, the parties shall communicate with one another in good faith and in a timely and cooperative manner. Whenever disputes, disagreements, or misunderstandings arise, the parties shall attempt to resolve the issue by discussion and mutual agreement as soon as practicable. Failing resolution by mutual agreement, the aggrieved party shall request a resolution in writing from the OTAO. The OTAO will review the matter and render a decision in writing within sixty (60) calendar days. Thereafter, either party may pursue any right or remedy provided by law in a court of competent jurisdiction as authorized by 28 U.S.C. 1491. Alternately, the parties may agree by mutual consent to explore and establish an Alternate Disputes Resolution procedure to resolve this dispute. The Awardee shall proceed diligently with performance under this agreement pending resolution of the dispute.

ARTICLE 8. Report and Data Requirements

A. Weekly Teleconferences and Communication. Awardee shall conduct weekly teleconferences with the Government throughout the performance of the Agreement to discuss tasks accomplished and direction for the upcoming tasks. The Government anticipates reducing the teleconferences once enrollment executes and again after completion of the trial. Awardee shall provide agendas and read-ahead material as required two days prior to the meetings and shall provide minutes of each meeting to the Government. Awardee shall include key subcontractors as attendees at these teleconferences when applicable. The Awardee shall provide meeting minutes within [***] after each formal scheduled meeting/teleconference conducted with JPEO EB.


F. Ad Hoc Meetings. In addition to the monthly meetings and written quarterly program updates, additional ad hoc meetings to address specific issues or to convey time- sensitive updates or scientific data related to the program will be held.