Master Alliance Provisions Guide (MAPGuide)

Redacted Collaboration Agreement

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§8.3 The Parties’ obligations to the funder for its Global Access Objectives. Each Party acknowledges that the funding for the conduct of the Project is provided by the funder in the context of its Global Access Objectives, and that each Party has obligations to the funder as set forth in its respective grants or contracts with the funder in respect of such Party’s Project IP and Confidential Information and, as applicable, Background IP.

§1.12Global Access Objectives” means the objectives: (i) to improve the processes and technologies for the development, manufacture and delivery of Products for use in the Field, with the aim of making them more available and more accessible in terms of cost, quantity and quality to people most in need in the Developing Countries; and (ii) to ensure that information and data resulting from activities under the Project are promptly and broadly disseminated – without jeopardizing intellectual property protection – to the relevant scientific and educational communities.