Master Alliance Provisions Guide (MAPGuide)

Population Council – TherapeuticsMD, Nestorone Contraceptive Ring, License Agreement

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Public Organization” will mean the Title X family planning clinics listed in the most recently published Office of Population Affairs Title X Family Planning Directory.

Wholesale Acquisition Cost” means the wholesale acquisition cost for the Licensed Product as determined by Licensee and published by First Data Bank, Medispan or other nationally recognized database as of the date the Licensed Product was dispensed.


5.4 Public Sector.

5.4.1 LICENSEE (itself or through a permitted sublicensee) will use Commercially Reasonable Efforts (without regard to profitability of the Licensed Product to LICENSEE or any permitted sublicensee) to perform the outreach activities described in the plan attached as Schedule 5.4.1 hereto (“Outreach Plan”). As part of the Outreach Plan, Licensee will publicly announce a reduced price program for underrepresented communities to the extent not already described in the press release described in Section 11.2.

5.4.2 LICENSEE agrees that the price for the Licensed Product charged by or on behalf of LICENSEE to Public Organizations will be no more than [***] of the Wholesale Acquisition Cost.