Master Alliance Provisions Guide (MAPGuide)

PHS – Biosyn, HIV Prophylactic Exclusive License Agreement

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8.01 Licensee agrees to keep accurate and correct records of Licensed Products made, used, sold, or imported and Licensed Processes practiced under this Agreement appropriate to determine the amount of royalties due PHS. Such records shall be retained for at least five (5) years following a given reporting period and shall be available during normal business hours for an annual inspection at the expense of PHS by an accountant or other designated auditor selected by PHS and reasonably acceptable to Licensee for the sole purpose of verifying reports and payments hereunder. The accountant or auditor shall execute a reasonable confidentiality agreement with Licensee and shall only disclose to PHS information relating to the accuracy of reports and payments made under this Agreement. If an inspection shows an underreporting or underpayment in excess of five percent (5%) for any twelve (12) month period, then Licensee shall reimburse PHS for the cost of the inspection at the time Licensee pays the unreported royalties, including any late charges as required by Paragraph 9.08 of this Agreement. All payments required under this Paragraph shall be due within thirty (30) days of the date PHS provides Licensee notice of the payment due. If the inspection shows an overpayment by Licensee, then Licensee will credit the overpayment to future royalty payments. However in no event shall royalties paid PHS be less than the minimum annual royalty.

8.02 Licensee agrees to have an audit of Net Sales and royalties conducted by an independent auditor at least every two (2) years if annual royalty-bearing sales of the Licensed Product or Licensed Processes performed for third parties are over [*]. The audit shall address, at a minimum, the amount of gross sales by or on behalf of Licensee during the audit period, terms of the license as to percentage or fixed royalty to be remitted to the Government , the amount of royalty funds owed to the Government under this Agreement , and whether the royalty amount owed has been paid to the Government and is reflected in the records of the Licensee. The audit shall also indicate the PHS license number, product, and the time period being audited. A report certified by the auditor shall be submitted promptly by the auditor directly to PHS on completion. PHS shall pay for the entire cost of the audit. If an inspection shows an underreporting or underpayment in excess of [*] for any 12 month period, then Licensee shall reimburse PHS for cost of the audit at inspection shows an overpayment by Licensee, then Licensee will credit the overpayment to future royalty payments, however in no event shall royalties paid PHS be less than the minimum annual royalty.


9.01 Prior to signing this Agreement, Licensee has provided to PHS the Commercial Development Plan at Appendix F, under which Licensee intends to bring the subject matter of the Licensed Patent Rights to the point of Practical Application. This Commercial Development Plan is hereby incorporated by reference into this Agreement . Based on this plan, performance Benchmarks have been determined and set forth in Appendix E.

9.02 Licensee shall provide written annual reports on its product development progress or efforts to commercialize under the Commercial Development Plan for the Licensed Field of Use within ninety (90) days after December 31 of each calendar year. These progress reports shall include, but not be limited to: progress on research and development, status of applications for regulatory approvals, manufacturing, sublicensing, marketing, importing, and sales during the preceding calendar year, as well as plans for the present calendar year. PHS also encourages these reports to include information on any of Licensee ’s public service activities that relate to the Licensed Patent Rights. If reported progress differs from that projected in the Commercial Development Plan and Benchmarks , Licensee shall explain the reasons for such differences. In any such annual report, Licensee may propose amendments to the Commercial Development Plan, acceptance of which by PHS may not be denied unreasonably. Licensee agrees to provide any additional information reasonably required by PHS to evaluate Licensee ’s performance under this Agreement. Licensee may amend the Benchmarks at any time upon written consent by PHS. PHS shall not unreasonably withhold approval of any request of Licensee to extend the time periods of this schedule if such request is supported by a reasonable showing by Licensee of diligence in its performance under the Commercial Development Plan and toward bringing the Licensed Products to the point of Practical Application as defined in 37 CFR 404.3(d). Licensee shall amend the Commercial Development Plan and Benchmarks at the request of PHS to address any Licensed Field of Use not specifically addressed in the plan originally submitted.

9.03 Licensee shall report to PHS the dates for achieving Benchmarks specified in Appendix E and the First Commercial Sale in each country in the Licensed Territory within thirty (30) days of such occurrences.

9.04 Commencing with the First Commercial Sale by Licensee or a sublicensee, Licensee shall submit to PHS within ninety (90) days after each calendar half-year ending June 30 and December 31 a royalty report setting forth for the preceding half-year period the amount of the Licensed Products sold or Licensed Processes practiced by or on behalf of Licensee in each country within the Licensed Territory , the Net Sales , if any, and payments from sublicensees on which a royalty payment is owed to PHS , if any, and the amount of royalty accordingly due. With each such royalty report, Licensee shall submit payment of the earned royalties due. If no earned royalties are due to PHS for any reporting period, the written report shall so state. The royalty report shall be certified as correct by an authorized officer of Licensee and shall include a detailed listing of all deductions made under Paragraph 2.10 to determine Net Sales made under Article 6 to determine royalties due.