Master Alliance Provisions Guide (MAPGuide)

PATH – Aridis, Rotavirus Vaccine Development Agreement

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Background Intellectual Property” shall mean any and all information, data (including research data), know–how, methods, formulas, formulations, compositions, materials, manufacturing know–how (including methods and standard operating procedures), computer programs, test results and trade secrets, owned or controlled by Aridis as of the Effective Date of this Agreement for which a license is required in order to practice the Project Intellectual Property for the manufacture, use or sale of the Primary Formulation or Optional Formulation developed under the scope of the Project. Specifically excluded from this definition are (i) those rights held by Aridis under license to the U.S. DHHS National Institute of Health technology known as “Multivalent Human Bovine Rotavirus Vaccine,” DHHS reference No. E–015–98/0; (ii) those intellectual property rights owned, controlled or licensed by Aridis where the practice of such intellectual property would require the payment of consideration or fulfillment of obligations to a third party; (iii) rights to technologies unrelated to formulation which cover distinct therapeutic compounds, methods or product types (such as a Shigella vaccine form, for example); and (iv) clinical data.

2. Project Plan


2.4 Reports

2.4.1 Regular Progress Reports. Aridis shall submit to PVS bi–annual written progress and financial reports. Such reports shall also summarize the financial expenditures incurred by Aridis in implementing the Project Plan. Upon completion of Phase I of the Project Plan, Aridis shall promptly submit a written report to PVS summarizing Aridis’ progress and results in implementing the Plan. In addition, Aridis shall submit to PVS a final written progress and financial report, with substantiating documentation, within three (3) months following the completion of the Plan or termination of this Agreement if termination occurs prior to completion of the Plan. The form of financial report is as set forth in Appendix E.

2.4.2 Disclosure of Inventions and Improvements; Disclosure of Data and Information. In addition to the foregoing reporting requirements, Aridis shall promptly disclose to PVS in writing (i) Project Intellectual Property; (ii) Background Intellectual Property; and (iii) all data, information and other documentation developed, acquired, controlled or otherwise obtained by Aridis, rights to which are specifically excluded from the definition of Background Information under Subsection l.3(ii) to the extent such data, information and other documentation is used or included by Aridis in the Project Plan.