Master Alliance Provisions Guide (MAPGuide)

Novavax – US Army Agreement for Research & Development of COVID-19 Vaccine

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Article XI, §11.03 of the Base Agreement is hereby amended, consistent with the “Specifically Negotiated License Rights” capability at Article XI, §§11.01(12) and 11.03(4), as follows: 

SOW 8.1 Data Ownership

Novavax owns all rights, title and interest to all Data (as defined in Article XI, Section 11.01(7) of the Base Agreement) generated as a result of the work performed under this Project Agreement, including Subject Data. 

Base Agreement Article XI, Section 11.01(7): “Data” as used in this Article of the Agreement, means computer software, computer software documentation, form, fit and function data, and technical data as defined in this Article.

SOW 8.2 Rights to Data

(a) Subject Data. Subject to the terms of the Project Agreement, Novavax grants to the U.S. Government a Government purpose rights license to Subject Data that will convert to an unlimited rights license (as the term is defined in Article XI, Section 11.01(14) of the Base Agreement) after three (3) years from the date of delivery. As used herein, “Subject Data” shall mean Technical Data under Article XI, §11.01(13) of the Base Agreement Deliverables that are considered Subject Data are identified in the Deliverable Table set forth in Section 4.0 above. 

(b) Transfer of Data. Each party, upon written request to the other party, shall have the right to review and to request delivery of Subject Data, and delivery of such Data shall be made to the requesting party within two weeks of the request, except to the extent that such Data are subject to a claim of confidentiality or privilege by a third party. 

(c) Background IP Limited License. To the extent that Subject Data incorporates or uses Background IP, the data shall be deemed and considered to comprise Background IP and shall be used by the U.S. Government in accordance with the Background IP Limited License set forth in Section 7.3 above. 

SOW 8.3 Background Technical Data Rights Assertions

Novavax asserts background technical data rights as follows: The Background Data, as defined in Section 7.1 above, was developed through private funding or in collaboration with a funding partner other than the U.S. Government. Such funding is expected to continue; accordingly, Novavax asserts Background Data as Category A Data pursuant to section 11.02(1) of the Base Agreement and the U.S. Government shall have no rights therein.

Base Agreement Section 11.02(1)

Category A is the Data developed and paid for totally by private funds, or the PAH’s (or its subcontractor’s) IR&D funds and it is Data to which the PAH (or its subcontractor) retains all rights. Category A Data shall include, but not be limited to,

(a) Data as defined in this Article and any designs or other material provided by the PAH for a project under this Agreement which was not developed in the performance of work under that project, and for which the PAH retains all rights.

(b) Any initial Data or technical, marketing, or financial Data provided at the onset of the project by any of the MCDC member entities or PAHs. Such Data shall be marked “Category A” and any rights to be provided to the Government for such Data under a specific project shall be as identified in the proposal submitted to the Government and included into the Technical Direction Letter and CMF issued Project Agreements.