Master Alliance Provisions Guide (MAPGuide)

US Department of Defense – Novavax, COVID-19 Vaccine Development Agreement

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Base Agreement: 2.0  Term

2.04 Termination Cost. The CMF will negotiate with the Government and PAH in good faith equitable reimbursement for work performed toward accomplishment of the task or tasks of individual projects. The Government will allow full credit for the Government share of the obligations properly incurred by a PAH prior to termination. Costs incurred by a PAH during a suspension or after termination of a project are not allowable unless the CMF expressly authorizes them in either the notices of suspension, termination, or subsequently. Other PAH’s costs incurred during a suspension or after termination which are necessary and not reasonably avoidable are allowable if:

(a) The costs result from obligations which were properly incurred by the PAH before the effective date of the suspension or termination, are not in anticipation of it, and in the case of a termination, are non-cancellable; and

(b) The costs would be allowable if the project was not suspended or the award expired normally at the end of the funding period in which the termination takes effect.

2.05 Close-out Procedure. If the Government funds an individual Project Agreement and then subsequently terminates the agreement or the requirements of the agreement are met, the following closeout procedures apply:

(a) Definitions:

(i) “Closeout” – the process by which the Government and CMF determine that all applicable administrative actions and all required work have been completed by the PAH.

(ii) “Date of Completion” – the date on which all work is completed or the date on an amendment thereto on which the period of performance ends.

(iii) “Disallowed costs” – those charges that the Government or its representative determines to be unallowable, in accordance with the terms and conditions stated in this Agreement.

(b) Upon request, the Government shall make prompt payments to the PAH through the CMF for allowable reimbursable costs under the MCS Project Agreement being closed out.

(c) The PAH shall immediately refund any balance of unobligated (unencumbered) cash that the CMF has paid and that is not authorized to be retained by the PAH for use in the performance of the Project Agreement.

(d) The CMF shall obtain from the PAH within 90 calendar days after the date of completion of an MCS Project Agreement all financial, performance, and other reports required as a condition of the MCS Project Agreement. The CMF may grant extensions when requested by the PAH.

(e) When authorized, the CMF shall make a settlement for any upward or downward adjustments to the Government’s share of costs after these reports are received based on final, actual expenditures in accordance with the Termination Costs provision of the Agreement.

(f) Quick close-out procedures similar to FAR 42.708 shall be followed.

(g) The PAH shall account for any property received from the Government.

2.06 Stop Work. As directed by the AO, the CMF may, at any time, by written order to the PAH, require the PAH to stop all, or any part, of the work called for under this Agreement or any Project Agreement for a period of 90 days after the written order is delivered to the PAH, and for any further period to which the parties may agree. The order shall be specifically identified as a stop-work order issued under this section. Upon receipt of the order, the PAH shall immediately comply with its terms and take all reasonable steps to minimize the incurrence of costs allocable to the work covered by the order during the period of work stoppage. Within a period of 90 days after a stop-work is delivered to the PAH, or within any extension of that period to which the parties shall have agreed, the CMF shall either:

(a) Cancel the stop-work order; or

(b) Terminate the work covered by the Project Agreement as provided in Article II, Term and Termination.

If a stop work order issued under this clause is canceled, the PAH shall resume work. The CMF shall make an equitable adjustment in the delivery schedule or Project Agreement estimated cost/price, or both, and the Government’s share of the Project Agreement shall be modified, in writing, accordingly, if—

(1) The stop-work order results in an increase in the time required for, or in the PAH’s cost properly allocable to, the performance of any part of the Project Agreement; and

(2) The PAH asserts its right to the adjustment within 30 days after the end of the period of work stoppage; provided, that, if the Government decides the facts justify the action, the Government through the MCDC CMF may receive and act upon a proposal submitted at any time before final payment under the Project Agreement.

If a stop work order is not canceled and the work covered by the Project Agreement is terminated in accordance with Article II, the MCDC CMF shall work with the PAH to negotiate an equitable reimbursement in accordance with Article II. Section 2.03, Termination Provisions.