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US Department of Defense – Novavax, COVID-19 Vaccine Development Agreement

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Base Agreement: Article II.  Term

2.02 Termination of this Agreement by Mutual Agreement

Except for the rights and obligations with respect to proprietary information and/or specific intellectual property agreements between or amongst the Government, the CMF and the MCDC member organizations, unless extended by mutual written agreement of the Parties, this Agreement shall automatically terminate by written agreement of the Parties. Unless otherwise directed by the AO through the CMF, individual Project Agreements pursuant to this Agreement shall also terminate upon the termination of this Agreement.

2.03 Termination Provisions

Subject to a reasonable determination that the program, or a project funded under the program, will not produce beneficial results commensurate with the expenditure of resources, the Government may terminate performance of work under this OTA or a specific project, in whole or in part, if the AO determines that a termination is in the Government’s interest. The AO shall terminate by delivering to the MCDC through its CMF a Notice of Termination specifying the extent of termination and the effective date.

After receipt of a Notice of Termination, and except as directed by the CMF, the PAH shall immediately proceed with the following obligations, regardless of any delay in determining or adjusting any amounts due:

(1) Stop work and direct its subawardees to stop work as specified in the notice.

(2) Place no further subagreements or orders (referred to as orders in this clause) for materials, services, or facilities, except as necessary to complete the continued portion of the project.

(3) Terminate all orders to the extent they relate to the work terminated.

(4) Assign to the Government, as directed by the AO, all right, title, and interest of the PAH under the orders terminated, in which case the Government shall have the right to settle or to pay any termination settlement proposal arising out of those terminations.(2) Place no further subagreements or orders (referred to as orders in this clause) for materials, services, or facilities, except as necessary to complete the continued portion of the project.

(5) With approval or ratification to the extent required by the AO, the CMF may settle all outstanding liabilities and termination settlement proposals arising from the termination of orders; the approval or ratification will be final for purposes of this clause.

(6) Provide CMF, and/or obtain from the subawardees under the terminated portion of the Agreement a transfer of title to the following where applicable and deliver to the Government —

(i) The fabricated or unfabricated parts, work in process, completed work, supplies, and other material produced or acquired for the work terminated; and

(ii) The completed or partially completed plans, drawings, information, and other property that, if the order had been completed, would have been required to be furnished to the Government.

(7) Complete performance of any work not terminated, if applicable.

(8) Take any action that may be necessary, or that the AO may direct through the CMF, for the protection and preservation of the property related to this project that is in the possession of the PAH(s) or any subawardee and in which the Government has or may acquire an interest.

(9) Use commercially reasonable efforts to sell, as directed or authorized by the CMF, any property of the types referred to under Article II. Section 2.03 Termination Provisions, (6)(i) and (ii); provided, however, that the PAH:

(i) is not required to extend credit to any purchaser and

(ii) may arrange for the subawardee who was performing the terminated work to acquire the property under the conditions prescribed by, and at prices approved by, the CMF.

(iii) will in no event be required to continue with such efforts for more than three (3) months after notice by the CMF to sell or disposition such property.

(10) The PAH has no obligation to continue to cost share on the terminated project or terminated portion of the project.

The requirement for at least 1/3 cost share of the total project cost by the PAH is assessed prior to award. In the event that during the course of the performance of the Project Agreement any of the parties to the Project Agreement believe the cost sharing funds available will be insufficient, the PAH shall notify the CMF within twenty–five (25) days of the event that gave rise to the insufficient cost sharing funds. CMF will notify the Government within five (5) days of receiving such notice from the PAH. The Government will determine whether it is in its best interest to either renegotiate the scope and/or terms of the Project Agreement to meet the cost share requirement or terminate the Project Agreement in whole or in part.

The proceeds of any transfer or disposition of project property will be applied to reduce any payments to be made by the Government under that particular project, including credited to the price or cost of the work, or paid in any other manner directed by the CMF.

In the event of a termination of the Project Agreement, the Government shall have patent rights as described in Article X, Patent Rights, and rights in Data as described in Article XI, Data Rights. Failure of the PAH and Government to agree to an equitable adjustment shall be resolved pursuant to Article VII, Disputes.