Master Alliance Provisions Guide (MAPGuide)

CEPI – Novavax, COVID-19 Vaccine Funding Agreement

  • Intellectual Property | Ownership of background IP

5. Ownership of Project Results; Intellectual Property

5.1. Background IP. Awardee shall retain ownership of its intellectual property existing as of the Effective Date, or developed or acquired independently of the Project during the term of this Agreement (“Awardee Background IP”) and licenses to third party intellectual property secured prior to the Effective Date [***] (“Third Party Background IP” which, along with Awardee Background IP, shall be referred to as “Background IP”), and nothing in this Agreement shall be deemed to assign any ownership in, or grant a license to, CEPI with respect to such Background IP; except for the limited license rights otherwise expressly provided herein for the Public Health License.

5.4. Third Party IP. The Parties shall notify each other [***] regarding any third party IP they become aware of that might impact Awardee’s ability to perform its obligations under this Agreement and activities contemplated under the Project Continuity Plan and Equitable Access Plan. The Parties shall cooperate in good faith to resolve any such matters.