Master Alliance Provisions Guide (MAPGuide)

NIH – GeoVax, Non-Exclusive Patent and Biological Materials License Agreement

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  • Equitable Access | Territory access commitments

10. Performance And Diligence Obligations

10.1 The Licensee shall use its reasonable commercial efforts to bring the Licensed Products and Licensed Processes to Practical Application. “Reasonable commercial efforts” for the purposes of this provision shall include adherence to the Commercial Development Plan in Appendix E and performance of the Benchmarks in Appendix D. 

10.2 The Licensee agrees, after its First Commercial Sale, to make reasonable quantities of Licensed Products available to patient assistance programs in the Licensed Territory [Worldwide], to the extent commercially reasonable and without otherwise harming the business interests or viability of Licensee. 

10.3 The Licensee agrees, after its First Commercial Sale and as part of its marketing and product promotion, to develop educational materials (e.g., brochures, website, etc.) directed to patients and physicians detailing the Licensed Products. 

10.4 The Licensee agrees to supply, to the Office of Technology Transfer, NIH and Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property Office (TTIPO), NIAID with insert samples of the Licensed Products or Licensed Processes or their packaging for educational and display purposes only