Master Alliance Provisions Guide (MAPGuide)

NIH – Fluidigm, COVID-19 Diagnostic Development Agreement

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The following Contracting Officer (CO) will represent the Government for the purpose of this contract:

Name: Roxane Burkett Telephone: 301-827-7535


The Contracting Officer is the only person with authority to act as agent of the Government under this task order. Only the Contracting Officer has authority to:

1) direct or negotiate any changes in the statement of work;

2) modify or extend the period of performance;

3) change the delivery schedule;

4) authorize reimbursement to the Contractor for any costs incurred during the performance of this contract;

5) otherwise change any terms and conditions of this contract; or

6) sign written licensing agreements. Any signed agreement shall be incorporated by reference in Section K of the contract.

All correspondence (including invoices) that proposes or otherwise involves waivers, deviations, or modifications to requirement shall be provided to the CO issuing the task order and the COR supporting the CO.


The following Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR) is anticipated to represent the Government for the purpose of this contract:

Olga Hartman, PhD

Telephone: 443-350-7696


The COR is responsible for:

(1) monitoring the Contractor’s technical progress, including the surveillance and assessment of performance and recommending to the Contracting Officer changes in requirements;

(2) interpreting the Statement of Objectives and any other technical performance requirements;

(3) performing technical evaluation as required;

(4) performing technical inspections and acceptances required by this Letter Contract; and

(5) assisting in the resolution of technical problems encountered during performance.

The Government may unilaterally change the COR designation.


The Primary Program Manager specified in this task order is considered to be essential to work performance. At least 30 days prior to any changes to the individual listed below to other programs or task orders (or as soon as reasonably possible, if an individual must be replaced, for example, as a result of leaving the employ of the Contractor), the Contractor shall notify the Contracting Officer and shall submit comprehensive justification for the change request (including proposed substitutions for primary program manager) to permit evaluation by the Government of the impact on performance under this task order. The Contractor shall not replace any primary program manager without the written consent of the Contracting Officer. The Government may modify the task order to add or delete primary program manager at the request of the contractor or Government. In no case shall the individual’s effort exceed 100% across all task orders.