Master Alliance Provisions Guide (MAPGuide)

National Health Service (NHS) – Pfizer/Shionogi, Antibiotic Supply Agreement

  • Intellectual Property | License Grants


“Product Information” means information concerning the Goods as may be reasonably requested by the Authority and supplied by the Supplier to the Authority in accordance with Clause 20 of Schedule 2 for inclusion in the Authority’s product catalogue from time to time;


11. Intellectual property

11.1 Unless specified otherwise in the Specification and Tender Response Document, the Supplier hereby grants to the Authority, for the life of the use of Goods by the Authority, an irrevocable, royalty–free, non–exclusive licence of any Intellectual Property Rights required for the purposes of receiving and using, and to the extent necessary to receive and use, the Goods (to include any associated technical or other documentation and information supplied or made accessible to the Authority in any media) in accordance with this Contract.

20. Electronic product information


20.4 The Supplier grants the Authority a perpetual, non–exclusive, royalty free licence to use and exploit the Product Information and any Intellectual Property Rights in the Product Information for the purpose of illustrating the range of goods and services (including, without limitation, the Goods) available pursuant to the Authority’s contracts from time to time. Subject to Clause 20.5 of this Schedule 2, no obligation to illustrate or advertise the Product Information is imposed on the Authority, as a consequence of the licence conferred by this Clause 20.4 of this Schedule 2.