Master Alliance Provisions Guide (MAPGuide)

US Government – Ology Bioservices, COVID-19 Plasmid Procurement Agreement

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14. Miscellaneous Clauses

H. Disputes: For any disagreement, claim, or dispute arising under this Agreement, the parties shall communicate with one another in good faith and in a timely and cooperative manner. Whenever disputes, disagreements, or misunderstandings arise, the parties shall attempt to resolve the issue by discussion and mutual agreement as soon as practicable. Failing resolution by mutual agreement, the aggrieved party shall request a resolution in writing from the AO. The AO will review the matter and render a decision in writing. Any such decision is final and binding. In the event of a decision, within (60) calendar days of the referral for review (or such other period as agreed upon by the parties), either party may pursue any right or remedy provided by law in a court of competent jurisdiction as authorized by 28 U.S.C. 1491. Alternately, the parties may agree to explore and establish and Alternate Disputes Resolution procedure to resolve this dispute.