Master Alliance Provisions Guide (MAPGuide)

Israel – Pfizer Real-World Epidemiological Evidence Collaboration Agreement

  • Intellectual Property | Ownership of IP

8. Ownership 

8.1 Each Party owns its respective Intellectual Property created or developed outside this collaboration and prior to the date of this Agreement and all modifications, improvements or changes in or to such pre–existing Intellectual Property (the foregoing being referred to as a Party’s Intellectual Property“). For the avoidance of doubt, the Project Data (but not Pfizer Data) is owned by the MoH or the respective health organization and its transfer shall not affect the rights therein, other than the licenses granted under this Agreement.

8.2 Unless otherwise agreed to in this Agreement, any Intellectual Property which is jointly developed by MoH and PFIZER (“Joint Intellectual Property”), shall be jointly owned by MoH and PFIZER. [Redacted text.]

8.3 As between PFIZER and MoH, Pfizer shall own all right title and interest in and to the Product, including any Project Intellectual Property included or incorporated into, or useful to, the Product, excluding public health data collected by the MoH. [Redacted text.]

8.4 PFIZER shall have the right to use the Project Data for research and development purposes for submission to the competent authorities, scientific, publication (subject to the provisions of Section 9) and other legitimate business purposes.