Master Alliance Provisions Guide (MAPGuide)

India Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Memorandum of Agreement

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4.1 Every effort should be made by the institutes to disseminate know-how and transfer the IP emanating from public-funded research for the larger public good. All institutes should mandatorily report the details of their scientific outcomes – published articles, patents granted, technologies commercialized to DBT as per the formats provided for both completed and on-going projects. The outcomes are to be reported at the following links – &



5.3 The Comptroller and Auditor General of India, at his discretion shall have the right of access to the books and accounts of [Institution’s acronym] for the grants received from DBT for this project.



5. The implementing Institute/PI will furnish progress report of work on the project every six months. The progress of the project will also be reviewed/monitored at least once a year by the concerned Task Force/Project Monitoring Committee, etc. In addition the DBT shall designate Scientists/Specialists to visit the Institute periodically for reviewing the progress of work and for suggesting such measures as to ensure early realisation of the objectives of the project. On completion of the project five copies of a consolidated report of the work done on the subject would be submitted to the Department of Biotechnology.


7. The Institute would furnish to the Deptt. of Biotechnology a Utilization Certificate (Copy enclosed at Appendix – ’B’) and an audited statement of expenditure (Copy enclosed at Appendix – ‘C’) duly signed by the P.I., the Head of the Institute and the Head of the Finance wing, pertaining to the grant at the end of each financial year as well as a consolidated statement of expenditure at the end of the completion of the project.


9. The Comptroller and Auditor-General of India at his discretion shall have the right of access to the books and accounts of the Institute for the grant received from the Government.

10. The Institute would maintain separate audited accounts for the project. If it is found expedient to keep a part or whole of the grant in a bank account earning interest, the interest thus earned should be reported to the Deptt. of Biotechnology.

11. Investigators/Institutes wishing to publish papers based on the research work done under Deptt. of Biotechnology projects should acknowledge the financial support received from the Deptt. of Biotechnology. The details of publications and patents emanating from DBT- funded research may be reported by investigators at the following link : and