Master Alliance Provisions Guide (MAPGuide)

IMI 2 Joint Undertaking Model Consortium Agreement

  • IP ownership & licensing | Protection of results

§7.4 Protection of Results

Each Beneficiary agrees to examine the possibility of protecting its Results, and, where appropriate, adequately protect them by any means for an appropriate period and within appropriate territorial coverage if: a) the Results can reasonably be expected to be commercially or industrially exploited, and b) protecting them is possible, reasonable and justified (given the circumstances).

When deciding on the protection of Results, the Beneficiary must consider the legitimate interest of its own and other Beneficiaries. Means of protection may include, but are not limited to, patenting or maintaining the Results as confidential know-how.

Each Beneficiary shall enter into appropriate agreement(s) with its employees, agents or third parties to make sure the ownership to the Results is properly transferred to the Beneficiary.

The funding of IMI must be noted in any application for protection on the Results filed by the Beneficiary.