Master Alliance Provisions Guide (MAPGuide)

IMI 1 Model Grant Agreement

  • Intellectual Property | Ownership of IP

<p>&#8220;<strong>backgroundstrong>&#8221; means information, including data and knowhow which is held by a participant prior to the accession to this agreement, as well as copyrights or other intellectual and industrial property rights pertaining to such information, and which is necessary for carrying out the project and identified in the project agreement.p>
<p><span style=”textdecoration: underline;”><strong>Annex IIPart C: Intellectual Property Rights, Use, and Dissemination; Section 1: Identification, Ownership and Transferstrong>span>p>
<p><strong>25.1 Background.strong> Each participant shall remain the exclusive owner of its Background.p>
<p><strong>26.1 Foreground<em>. em>strong>Ownership of the <a href=”#kt“>Foregrounda> belongs in the first instance to the Participant(s) that generated it. Participant(s) may agree on a different allocation of ownership in the Project Agreement.p>