Master Alliance Provisions Guide (MAPGuide)

Gates Foundation – Novavax, RSV Vaccine Global Access Commitments Agreement

  • Equitable Access | Territory access commitments


 Aggregate Minimum Supply” means [**] Doses. 

Charitable Purpose” has the meaning set forth in the Grant Agreement.

Developed Countries” means the countries (each a “Developed Country”) that are not listed in Appendix A.

Developing Countries” means the countries (each a “Developing Country”) listed on Appendix A as Developing Countries.

IPDP”means Integrated Product Development Plan dated as of May 29, 2015 and referenced in the Grant Agreement or as otherwise updated and mutually agreed by the parties.

Total Product Manufacturing Capacity” means the total Doses the Company manufactures on an annual basis for any RSV product, either directly or through its CMO or Affiliates. The Company will forecast its manufacturing capacity on a rolling quarterly basis, which forecast will be subsequently trued–up quarterly based on the Total Product Manufacturing Capacity.

3. Global Access Commitments

In furtherance of the Charitable Purpose, Company agrees to the following “Global Access Commitments”:


(b) Availability and Accessibility at Affordable Price to People in Developing Countries. Company will use reasonable and diligent steps to:

(i) conduct all clinical trials specified in the IPDP to meet the Minimum TPP and keep the Foundation promptly informed of any information impacting the Product’s ability to meet the Minimum TPP thereunder or that is otherwise deemed to impact the Project or timelines by three (3) months or more;

(ii) obtain and maintain the regulatory and Project expertise to support Company’s clinical, regulatory and development plans including with respect to Developing Country plans and WHO PQ;

(iii) conduct activities set forth in the IPDP; meet specified timelines and criteria included in the IPDP; and keep the Foundation promptly informed of any information impacting Company’s ability to meet such timelines or criteria by three (3) months or more;

(iv) consider utilizing WHO’s joint regulatory review mechanism for clinical trial approvals in Developing Countries provided always that all regulatory activity decisions will be Company’s sole responsibility;

(v) submit an applicable dossier to WHO for WHOPQ of the Product for Maternal Immunization in Developing Countries by [**];

(vi) develop Total Product Manufacturing Capacity to a minimum of [**] Doses of the Released Product by [**];

(vii) keep the Foundation promptly informed of the activities related to progress on the Project (including providing the Foundation with information reasonably requested by the Foundation related to the Product, trials and deliberations of review committees) and Company’s Global Access Commitments and consult with the Foundation in good faith in connection with Developing Country launch strategic decisions, including by holding meetings with the Foundation no less often than once every three (3) months;

(viii) consider in good faith requests for donation of Released Product for Maternal Immunization by global health entities for demonstration studies/trials or additional research studies/trials supporting regulatory approval and/or demand stimulation in Developing Countries, provided however that Company’s provision of Released Product for such purposes shall not be deemed a first sale hereunder;

(ix) promptly, upon WHOPQ or any applicable regulatory approval for distribution of Released Products in a Developing Country for Maternal Immunization, provide reasonable publicity of the availability of the Product for sale for Maternal Immunization in each applicable Developing Country including to Public Sector Purchasers (regardless of the location of such Public Sector Purchaser, provided the Released Product procured is intended for use in or distribution to the applicable Developing Country) and responding to tender offers applicable to the Released Product for Maternal Immunization, subject to the Price Commitment outlined in Section 3(c) below;

(x) promptly upon WHOPQ, seek local Developing Country registration, to the extent such Developing Country participates, for Released Product for Maternal Immunization through the WHO Collaborative Registration Procedure (CRP); and

(xi) provide the Product to applicable Public Sector Purchasers for Maternal Immunization in accordance with this GACA and any applicable laws and regulations.

(xii) pursue applicable regulatory approval of Released Product for Maternal Immunization in those countries listed on Appendix A as “Additional Countries” after WHOPQ, and, upon such approval, commit to make such Released Product available to Public Sector Purchasers in such countries at a price per dose to be negotiated in good faith by the parties.


(d) Volume Commitment

(i) In order to provide the greatest health benefit of the Product, Company desires to address worldwide necd for the Product including demand for its use in Maternal Immunization from Developed and Developing Countries. The Parties recognize that introduction and demand for the Product occurs over a period of time and that Company may not be fully able to address such demand in the period proximate to introduction and approval. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Parties acknowledge that Company’s current and planned Total Product Manufacturing Capacity may not be sufficient to meet worldwide demand. Accordingly, the Parties desire to define the allocation of Product that Company intends to reserve to fulfill orders for use in Maternal Immunization in Developing Countries.

(ii) Upon applicable regulatory approval(s), the Company shall make the Released Product, available and accessible to Public Sector Purchasers for Maternal Immunization on the terms set forth in this GACA.

(iii) Company shall ensure Aggregate Minimum Supply is met subject to the Annual Minimum Supply as defined in Table B below in the context of Timing of First Sales set forth in Table B (“Annual Minimum Supply“). Company shall ensure that this Annual Minimum Supply is available each year starting at the date of the first sale of Released Product to a Public Sector Purchaser for a Developing Country and ending upon termination of this GACA, including any Extended Term as described in Section 3(d(v). Company shall use reasonable and diligent efforts to manufacture, fill finish, package, label, store and ship the Released Product in accordance with (a) all tender, purchase and sale agreements with any Public Sector Purchaser(s) up to the Aggregate Minimum Supply, (b) all applicable safety, legal, ethical, and regulatory requirements, and (c) the terms of this GACA. Shipping terms will be FCA Incoterms 2010, unless agreed in writing otherwise.

(iv) Obligation to Bid on Public Sector Purchaser Tenders. Subject at all times to the Aggregate Minimum Supply and Annual Minimum Supply, the Volume Commitment requires the Company to use reasonable and diligent efforts to bid on applicable Public Sector Purchaser tenders in accordance with the Price Commitment for any Public Sector Purchaser purchase order with an effective date that falls within the Term or Extended Term.

(v) Volume Commitment Rollover. During the Term of this GACA, in the event that during a calendar year the full amount of the Annual Minimum Supply is not committed for purchase by applicable Public Sector Purchasers (“Undemanded Capacity“), Company shall have the right to allocate such Undemanded Capacity as it sees fit and the same amount of Undemanded Capacity shall be rolled over into one or more extended years, depending on the amount of such Undemanded Capacity, which shall thereby extend the Term of this GACA (“Extended Term“). During the Extended Term, the terms and conditions of this GACA shall apply, until the Aggregate Minimum Supply is met. For the avoidance of doubt and notwithstanding any other provision of this GACA, this volume commitment rollover provides for an Extended Term that ensures that Company provides the Aggregate Minimum Supply over the Term or Extended Term. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Company may, but will not be obligated to, provide more than the Annual Minimum Supply to Public Sector Purchasers within any given calendar year during the Term or Extended Term. The Parties agree that in any event, the Extended Term shall not exceed five (5) additional years at which time the Volume Commitment will be deemed fulfilled.

(vi) Expanded Capacity. In the event the Foundation desires additional expanded capacity beyond the Aggregate Minimum Supply, the Foundation may at its full discretion request a proposal from Company detailing whether and how Company would meet such increased capacity and Company will respond promptly and in good faith with such a proposal; provided, however, that nothing in this paragraph is or will be deemed a promise of future funding and any such proposal is subject to all internal reviews, processes and approvals by the Foundation and any applicable laws and regulations, and any such proposal or future funding must be retlected in a definitive written agreement between the Parties. Nothing in this GACA is a promise or obligation for either Party to enter into any future agreement.

Appendix A: Developing Countries

Afghanistan Ghana Nicaragua
Angola Guinea Niger
Armenia Guinea Bissau Nigeria
Azerbaijan Guyana Pakistan
Bangladesh Haiti Papua New Guinea
Benin Honduras Rwanda
Bhutan India Sao Tome e Principe
Bolivia Indonesia Senegal
Burkina Faso Kenya Sierra Leone
Burundi Kiribati Solomon Islands
Cambodia Korea DPR Somalia
Cameroon Kyrgyz Republic Sri Lanka
Central African Republic Lao PDR Republic of Sudan
Chad Lesotho South Sudan
Comoros Liberia Tajikistan
Congo Republic Madagascar Tanzania
Cote d’Ivoire Malawi Timor Leste
Cuba Mali Togo
Democratic Republic of Congo Mauritania Uganda
Djibouti Moldova Ukraine
Eritrea Mongolia Uzbekistan
Ethiopia Mozambique Viet Nam
Gambia Myanmar Yemen
Georgia Nepal Zambia