Master Alliance Provisions Guide (MAPGuide)

Gates Foundation – Icosavax, COVID-19 Vaccine Grant Agreement

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You will submit reports according to the Reporting & Payment Schedule using the Foundation’s templates or forms, which the Foundation will make available to You and which may be modified from time to time. For a progress or final report to be considered satisfactory, it must demonstrate meaningful progress against the targets or milestones for that investment period. If meaningful progress has not been made, the report should explain why not and what adjustments You are making to get back on track. Please notify the Foundation’s Primary Contact if You need to add or modify any targets or milestones. The Foundation must approve any such changes in writing. You agree to submit other reports the Foundation may reasonably request.


You will track the time of all employees, contingent workers, and any other individuals whose compensation will be paid in whole or in part by Grant Funds. Such individuals will keep records (e.g., timesheets) of actual time worked on the Project in increments of sixty minutes or less and brief descriptions of tasks performed. You will report actual time worked consistent with those records in Your progress and final budget reports. You will submit copies of such records to the Foundation upon request.


During the term of this Agreement and for 5 years after, You will submit upon request annual intellectual property reports relating to the Funded Developments, Background Technology, and any related agreements using the Foundation’s templates or forms, which the Foundation may modify from time to time.


The Foundation believes the requirement that the knowledge and information gained from the Project be promptly and broadly disseminated extends to data and datasets generated through the Project. During the term of this Agreement, You will make cleaned datasets available to the Foundation upon request, at the time they are generated, and for internal Foundation use only. Following the End Date, You will make all datasets available to the Foundation, upon request and for internal Foundation use only. From the date that is six (6) months after the End Date, unless otherwise agreed with the Foundation, You will make all data generated under the Project available to the public in a manner and under conditions agreed to with the Foundation.


The Foundation may monitor and review Your use of the Grant Funds, performance of the Project, and compliance with this Agreement, which may include onsite visits to assess Your organization’s governance, management and operations, discuss Your program and finances, and review relevant financial and other records and materials. In addition, the Foundation may conduct audits, including onsite audits, at any time during the term of this Agreement, and within four years after Grant Funds have been fully spent. Any onsite visit or audit shall be conducted at the Foundation’s expense, following prior written notice, during normal business hours, and no more than once during any 12-month period. 


If during the term of this Agreement You are audited by your internal audit department or by a third party, You will provide the audit report to the Foundation upon request, including the management letter and a detailed plan for remedying any deficiencies observed (“Remediation Plan”). The Remediation Plan must include (a) details of actions You will take to correct any deficiencies observed, and (b) target dates for successful completion of the actions to correct the deficiencies


You will conduct, control, manage, and monitor the Project in compliance with all applicable ethical, legal, regulatory, and safety requirements, including applicable international, national, local, and institutional standards (“Requirements”). You will obtain and maintain all necessary approvals, consents, and reviews before conducting the applicable activity. As a part of Your annual progress report to the Foundation, You must report whether the Project activities were conducted in compliance with all Requirements.


You will maintain complete and accurate accounting records and copies of any reports submitted to the Foundation relating to the Project. You will retain such records and reports for 4 years after Grant Funds have been fully spent. At the Foundation’s request, You will make such records and reports available to enable the Foundation to monitor and evaluate how Grant Funds have been used or committed.