Master Alliance Provisions Guide (MAPGuide)

Entasis – DNDi/GARDP, Gonorrhoea Medication, Collaboration Agreement

  • Protecting & sharing information | Technology transfer


Background Technology” means the IP and other rights in the DNDi Background Technology or the Entasis Background Technology respectively that were either: (i) Controlled by the relevant Party as of the Effective Date; or (ii) conceived and reduced to practice, made or developed and Controlled by a Party during the Term outside the scope of the Collaboration Programme.

Collaboration Technology” shall mean any IP and other rights in the API, the Drug Product and the Regulatory Dossier developed or conceived and reduced to practice in the performance of the Collaboration Programme.

Contract Service Provider” or “CSP” shall mean any Third Party service provider contracted by either Party to perform certain aspects of the Collaboration Programme 

DNDi Background Technology” shall mean any Background Technology of DNDi that is necessary or useful for the performance of the Collaboration Programme.

Entasis Background Technology” shall mean any Background Technology of Entasis relating to the API that is necessary or useful for the performance of the Collaboration Programme; provided, however, that if any Third Party becomes an Affiliate of Entasis after the Effective Date, Entasis Background Technology shall exclude any IP controlled by such Third Party before such Third Party became Entasis’s Affiliate.

Granule Formulation” means a formulation of the API that has been developed by Entasis using granules containing amorphous drug substance in a water–dispensable sachet.

Phase III MC Trial” shall mean an international phase III multi–centre Clinical Trial to be conducted consistent with the Development Plan with the objective of demonstrating the safety and efficacy of the Drug Product in people infected with Neisseiria gonorrhoeae. 

Regulatory Dossier” means all regulatory documents and filings registered with a Drug Regulatory Authority for a Marketing Authorisation containing the administrative, safety, efficacy, quality, non–clinical and clinical data and CMC data for the Drug Product as it may change from time to time.

4. Development of the Drug Product


Phase III MC Trial

4.9 Entasis shall co–operate with DNDi in DNDi’s performance of the Phase III MC Trial including, without limitation, by:

4.9.1 providing DNDi with all Know How relating to the API and the Drug Product that is necessary for DNDi to perform its obligations;


Pharmaceutical Development 

4.11 DNDi shall use reasonable endeavours to perform and finance the CMC activities (as detailed in the Development Plan) in accordance with the Development Plan. Entasis shall provide all Know How relating to the API that DNDi requires including the Granule Formulation.

6. Product Manufacture and Supply

6.1 Within six (6) months of the Effective Date or such longer period as may otherwise be agreed in writing (including by email), the Parties shall agree a detailed Manufacturing and Supply Plan for the supply of the Drug Product through the JSC. The Manufacturing and Supply Plan shall be based on the following principles: […]

6.1.5 each Party shall make reasonably available to nominated representatives of the other Party appropriate personnel to educate and train such representatives in relation to Know How that may be required to Manufacture the Drug Product;

7. Information exchange


7.11 Within thirty (30) days of the Effective Date, the Parties shall establish an electronic data room in which of all documents that relate to the Collaboration Programme must be filed (the “Data Room”).

7.12 Within thirty (30) days of the Effective Date, Entasis shall provide to DNDi all of the Entasis Background Technology in its possession on the Effective Date. Each Party shall deposit any relevant documents relating to its Background Technology that is not in its possession on the Effective Date in the Data Room within thirty (30) days of such Background Technology being included in the Development Plan.

7.13 During the Term of this Agreement, each Party shall promptly communicate and make available to the other Party in a prompt manner and as it becomes available all of its Collaboration Technology and Regulatory Dossiers shall deposit all relevant documents in the Data Room as soon as reasonably practicable and in any event within thirty (30) days of creation of any relevant document.

7.14 Entasis shall be responsible for maintaining the Data Room for a period of one (1) year following expiry or termination of this Agreement and shall permit nominated representatives of DNDi or any DNDi CSP or Sublicensee to have access to the data room during that period.