Master Alliance Provisions Guide (MAPGuide)

Elkurt – Ocean Biomedical, Malaria Vaccine, Exclusive License Agreement

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3. Development and Commercialization


3.3 Reporting. Within sixty (60) days after the end of each calendar year, Licensee shall furnish Elkurt with a written report summarizing its, its Affiliates’ and its Sublicensees’ efforts during the prior year to develop and commercialize Licensed Products, including without limitation: (a) research and development activities; (b) commercialization efforts; (c) marketing efforts; and (d) applicable agreements with Sublicensees. Each report must contain a sufficient level of detail for Elkurt to assess whether Licensee is in compliance with its obligations under Section 3.1 and a discussion of intended efforts for the then current year. Together with each report, Licensee shall provide Elkurt with a copy of the then current Development and Commercialization Plan and business information, including funding, employees, hiring and other information on request.

5. Reports; Payments; Records

5.1 Reports and Payments

5.1.1. Reports. Within [####] after the conclusion of each Calendar Quarter commencing with the first Calendar Quarter in which Net Sales are generated or in which the Licensee receives Non–Royalty Sublicense Income, Licensee shall deliver to Elkurt a report containing the following information (in each instance, with a Licensed Product–by–Licensed Product and country–by–country breakdown): the number of units of Licensed Products sold, leased or otherwise transferred by Related Entities for the applicable Calendar Quarter; the gross amount billed or invoiced for Licensed Products sold, leased or otherwise transferred by Related Entities during the applicable Calendar Quarter; a calculation of Net Sales for the applicable Calendar Quarter, including an itemized listing of allowable deductions; a detailed accounting of all Non–Royalty Sublicense Income received during the applicable Calendar Quarter; and the total amount payable to Elkurt in U.S. Dollars on Net Sales and Non–Royalty Sublicense Income for the applicable Calendar Quarter, together with the exchange rates used for conversion.

5.1.2. Certification. Each such report shall be certified by or on behalf of Licensee as true, correct and complete in all material respects. If no amounts are due to Elkurt for a particular Calendar Quarter, the report shall so state.

5.2 Records. Licensee shall maintain, and shall cause its Affiliates and Sublicensees to maintain, complete and accurate records of Licensed Products that are made, used, sold, leased or transferred under this Agreement, any amounts payable to Elkurt in relation to such Licensed Products, and all Non–Royalty Sublicense Income received by Licensee and its Affiliates, which records shall contain sufficient information to permit Elkurt to confirm the accuracy of any reports or notifications delivered to Elkurt under Section 5.1. Licensee, its Affiliates and/or its Sublicensees, as applicable, shall retain such records relating to a given Calendar Quarter for at least [####] after the conclusion of that Calendar Quarter, during which time Elkurt will have the right, at its expense, to cause an independent, certified public accountant (or, in the event of a non–financial audit, other appropriate auditor) to inspect such records during normal business hours for the purposes of verifying the accuracy of any reports and payments delivered under this Agreement and Licensee’s compliance with the terms hereof. The parties shall reconcile any underpayment or overpayment within [####] after the accountant delivers the results of the audit. If any audit performed under this Section 5.2 reveals an underpayment in excess of [####] in any calendar year, Licensee shall reimburse Elkurt for all amounts incurred in connection with such audit. Elkurt may exercise its rights under this Section 5.2 only once every year per audited entity and only with reasonable prior notice to the audited entity.