Master Alliance Provisions Guide (MAPGuide)

DNDi – BioDelivery Sciences International, Visceral Leishmaniasis Research Collaboration Agreement

  • Term & termination | Effects of termination

<p><span style=”textdecoration: underline;”><b>7. b><b>CONFIDENTIALITYb>span>p>
<p><b>7.4 Return of Confidential Information.b><span style=”fontweight: 400;”> Promptly after the termination or expiration of this Agreement for any reason, each Party will return to the other Party, or destroy as directed by such other Party, all tangible manifestations of such other Partys Confidential Information, and delete all electronic manifestations of such other Partys Confidential Information, at that time in the possession of the receiving Party and certify to the other Party that all information has been returned, destroyed or deleted.span>p>
<p><span style=”textdecoration: underline;”><b>10. b><b>TERMb>span>p>
<p><b>10.4 Consequences of Termination.b><span style=”fontweight: 400;”> Termination of this Agreement will be without prejudice to or limitation on any other remedies or any accrued obligations of either Party. In addition, Section <span style=”textdecoration: underline;”><a href=”” target=”_blankrel=”noopener“>4a>span>, 10.4 and Articles <span style=”textdecoration: underline;”><a href=”” target=”_blankrel=”noopener“>6a>span>, <span style=”textdecoration: underline;”><a href=”” target=”_blankrel=”noopener“>7a>span>, <span style=”textdecoration: underline;”><a href=”” target=”_blankrel=”noopener“>8a>span>, <span style=”textdecoration: underline;”><a href=”” target=”_blankrel=”noopener“>9a>span> and 11 will survive any termination or expiration of this Agreement.span>p>