Master Alliance Provisions Guide (MAPGuide)

DNDi – BioDelivery Sciences International, Visceral Leishmaniasis Research Collaboration Agreement

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10. TERM


10.2 Termination by DNDi. DNDi may terminate this Agreement at any time during the R&D Plan, as set out in Section 2.5 (c), upon thirty (30) days written notice to BDSI.

10.3 Termination for Breach. Either Party may terminate this Agreement in its entirety upon the uncured material breach of this Agreement by the other Party in accordance with this Section 10.3, in which case the non–breaching Party will deliver notice of such material breach to the breaching Party describing in detail the nature of the breach. The breaching Party will have forty–five (45) days from receipt of such notice to cure the breach. Any such termination will become effective at the end of the 45–day period unless the breaching Party has cured any such breach or default prior to the expiration of the 45–day period (or, if such default is capable of being cured but cannot be cured within such 45–day period, the breaching Party has commenced and diligently continued actions to cure such default, in which case the non–breaching Party may not terminate this Agreement).