Master Alliance Provisions Guide (MAPGuide)

CureVac – GSK, COVID-19 Vaccine Collaboration and License Agreement

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<p class=”p2“><em><strong>Definitionsstrong>em>p>
<p class=”p2“>“<b>CMC Developmentb>” shall mean all research and development activities conducted in respect of the <a href=”#kt“>Manufactureaof COVID Products, including chemistry, manufacturing and control (CMC), creation of master and working cell banks, test method development and stability testing, process development, manufacturing scaleup, qualification and validation, quality assurance and quality control processes and techniques.<span class=”Appleconvertedspace“> span>p>
<p class=”p2“>“<b>Development Datab>” shall mean: (i) CMC Development data (including records of Manufactured batches);(ii) any nonclinical or clinical findings, results and other research data relating to the COVID Products, in any format; and (iii) the formal reports of preclinical toxicology studies and Clinical Studies, such data in each case of (i), (ii) and (iii) required for the <a href=”#kt“>Developmenta>, Manufacture or <a href=”#kt“>Commercializationaof the COVID Products, including but not limited to, <a href=”#kt“>INDsaand other regulatory filings and registration dossiers.<span class=”Appleconvertedspace“> span>p>
<p><b>b><span style=”textdecoration: underline;”><b>4. Development Collaborationb>span>p>
<p><b>4.2 Development Data, results and records. b><span style=”fontweight: 400;”>As provided for in a COVID R&amp;D Plan, at least, however, on a monthly basis, the Parties will make available to one another through formal reports for review and discussion within the JSC all Development Data and other results of the Development conducted hereunder, and will keep such records (paper and electronic) as described herein. The Parties will maintain records of the Development Data and other results in sufficient detail as required by <a href=”#kt“>Regulatory Authoritiesa> and in good scientific manner appropriate for patent purposes, and in a manner that properly reflects all work done and results achieved in the performance of such Development.span>p>
<p><b>4.5 All Development Costs. b><span style=”fontweight: 400;”>The Parties shall in good faith consider means of gaining efficiencies in the performance of the COVID R&amp;D Plan(s) that have a positive impact on the associated budget, and in connection with incurring any other <span style=”textdecoration: underline;”><a href=”” target=”_blankrel=”noopener“>Development Costsa>span>, such as outsourcing of certain research activities to a subcontractor, provided these will not adversely impact the timeline for completion of Development activities. The Parties shall account for their respective Development Costs and nonrefundable funding on a Calendar Quarterly basis, where applicable with supportive documentation reasonably detailing the composition of the agreed budgeted cost (with FTE calculated at the FTE Rate) for the applicable Calendar Quarter period. The respective undisputed balance to achieve the equal share of Development Costs and nonrefundable funding shall be paid within [*****] after receipt of an invoice from the respective Party which is entitled to receive a payment from the other Party (whether under profitsharing arrangement or otherwise). The Parties shall promptly notify each other as soon as reasonably practicable in the event that either Party becomes aware that Development Costs are expected to deviate, where applicable, from the amounts approved in the Development budget, as a result of a change to the assumptions under a COVID R&amp;D Plan, whereupon the Parties shall discuss the causes of such deviation and evaluate potential mitigation measures relating thereto, and an appropriate adjustment (if any) to the Development budget. The Parties shall refer any Development budget increase amounting to greater than [*****] of the previously approved amount to the <a href=”#kt“>JSCa> for prior approval. Unless such budget increase is approved by the JSC, a Party shall not be liable to bear, as part of the sharing of Development activities where the Development Costs are budgeted under the relevant COVID R&amp;D Plan, any Development Costs incurred by the other Party in excess of [*****] the amount set out in the agreed Development budget from time to time. The Parties shall not unreasonably withhold their approval in the JSC to any budget increase which is reasonably required as a result of the change to a budgeting assumption set out in a COVID R&amp;D Plan. CureVacs share in Development Costs to be refunded under Section 4.3 shall in no event exceed an amount of [*****], and any Development Costs to be refunded under <span style=”textdecoration: underline;”><a href=”” target=”_blankrel=”noopener“>Section 4.3a>span> which exceed such amount shall be offset against up to [*****] of the Net Profit share payment to be made by GSK to CureVac for the Collaboration COVID Vaccine Products under <span style=”textdecoration: underline;”><a href=”” target=”_blankrel=”noopener“>Section 8.2a>span> belowspan>p>
<p><span style=”textdecoration: underline;”><b>8. Consideration And Paymentsb>span>p>
<p><b>8.5 Profit Sharing and Royalty Payments. b><span style=”fontweight: 400;”>Within [*****] after the end of each Calendar Quarter in which any Net Sales occur, each Party shall calculate the profit sharing and royalty payments owed to the other Party and shall remit to the other Party the amount owed to such other Party. All profit sharing and royalty payments shall be computed by converting the Net Profits and Net Sales in each country in the GSK Territory and in the CureVac Territory into the currency of Euro, using the monthly exchange rates as customarily used by such Party. All costs and expenses shall be computed by converting the relevant costs and expenses into the currency of Euro, using the monthly exchange rates as customarily used by such Partyspan>p>
<p><b>8.6 Reports. b><span style=”fontweight: 400;”>Each payment shall be accompanied by a written report describing the Net Profits and Net Sales of each COVID Product sold by or on behalf of the respective Party, its Affiliates and Sublicensees during the applicable Calendar Quarter for each country in which sales of any COVID Product occurred, specifying: (i) the gross sales (if available) and Net Sales in each countrys currency, including an accounting of deductions taken in the calculation of Net Sales; (ii) the COGS and SG&amp;A and other deductions made to calculate Net Profits in accordance with Section 8.2.3; (iii) the applicable exchange rate to convert from each countrys currency to Euro; and (iv) the profit share and royalties payable in Euro. All costs and expenses invoiced by either Party shall be accompanied by a detailed breakdown of those costs and expenses, together with the applicable exchange rate to convert from the currency in which the costs and expenses were incurred to Euro.span>p>
<p><b>8.7 Records and Audit. b><span style=”fontweight: 400;”>Each Party and its Affiliates and/or its Sublicensees shall keep and maintain records of: (i) sales of the COVID Product(s) in the CureVac Territory or the GSK Territory, as the case may be, so that the profit share (including Net Profit) and royalties payable and the royalty reports may be verified; and (ii) all costs and expenses incurred by it which are reimbursable (or shared equally by the parties) under this Agreement, so that the costs and expenses reimbursable (or which are shared) may be verified. Such records shall upon reasonable written notice be open to inspection during business hours for a [*****] period after the Calendar Quarter to which such records relate, but in any event not more than once per Calendar Year, by a nationally recognized independent certified public accountant selected by the auditing Party and retained at the auditing Partys expense. Said accountant shall have the right to audit the records kept pursuant to this Agreement for a period covering not more than [*****]. If said examination of records reveals any underpayment(s) or over payment(s) of any amounts payable, then the audited Party shall promptly pay or credit the balance due to the auditing Party, and if the underpayment(s) is/are more than [*****] then the audited Party shall also bear the expenses of said accountant (and if no further payments are due, shall be refunded or paid by the audited at the request of the auditing Party). span>p>