Master Alliance Provisions Guide (MAPGuide)

CureVac – GSK, COVID-19 Vaccine Collaboration and License Agreement

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CMC Development” shall mean all research and development activities conducted in respect of the Manufacture of COVID Products, including chemistry, manufacturing and control (CMC), creation of master and working cell banks, test method development and stability testing, process development, manufacturing scale–up, qualification and validation, quality assurance and quality control processes and techniques. 

4. Development Collaboration


4.8 Regulatory Approvals of COVID Products. 

4.8.1 Regulatory Filing for the COVID Products. GSK shall prepare and file all INDs and all new drug applications (or equivalents) for the COVID Products and shall own all Regulatory Approvals and be responsible for all decisions in connection with the Regulatory Approvals for COVID Products in the Field and in the Territory, subject to GSK’s diligence obligations under Section 4.10. With regard to CMC Development and Manufacturing, CureVac shall contribute the necessary sections for such filings. CureVac shall have the right to review and comment on all such filings and safety related documents, and GSK shall be entitled to demand feedback within a reasonably short period. GSK will share with CureVac any regulatory filings before submission. CureVac shall cooperate in, and provide reasonable assistance to support, these efforts as reasonably requested by GSK. GSK shall provide CureVac with a final copy of each filing.

4.8.2 Transfer of Regulatory Approvals for the First–Gen COVID Vaccine Products. Upon the effective date of Option Exercise, CureVac shall (or shall cause the Affiliate or Third Party holding the Regulatory Approvals to) assign and transfer to GSK the Regulatory Approvals granted for the First–Gen COVID Vaccine Products, subject to GSK’s diligence obligations under Section 4.10 and the rights granted to CureVac with respect to the Regulatory Approvals relevant for the CureVac Territory [Austria, Germany & Switzerland] under Section 6 and the respective Distribution Agreement. Any costs incurred in connection with this transfer shall be borne by the Parties in equal shares as part of the Development Costs in accordance with Section 4.3.

4.8.3 Communications. Subject to Sections 4.8.1 and 4.8.6, and subject to the rights and obligations of CureVac under Section 6 and the respective Distribution Agreement with respect to the Regulatory Approvals relevant for the CureVac Territory, GSK shall be responsible for all regulatory interactions, including written communications and meetings with Regulatory Authorities, and safety management, including the reporting to the appropriate governmental authorities of all adverse events and any other information concerning the safety of COVID Products. GSK will, as part of its regular updates through the JSC, inform CureVac in writing of any material feedback from Regulatory Authorities relating to any COVID Product. Furthermore, GSK will provide copies of all Regulatory Approvals and material correspondence with Regulatory Authorities in the Major Markets [definition redacted] relating to the Clinical Studies with respect to all COVID Products to CureVac. Where permitted by Applicable Laws, CureVac shall have the right to participate as a silent observer in a meeting with Regulatory Authorities.

4.8.4 Sharing of information. CureVac will reasonably support GSK, at GSK’s request at reasonable intervals (considering CureVac’s limited personnel resources), on all regulatory matters with respect to the Development and Commercialization of the COVID Products, including by providing data and documents as reasonably required for obtaining Regulatory Approvals and for interactions with Regulatory Authorities regarding the COVID Products, provided that such documents and data will remain the property and Confidential Information of CureVac, and GSK will only use such documents and data in accordance with Section 4.8.5 and Section 11. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, CureVac shall provide to GSK: [*****].