Master Alliance Provisions Guide (MAPGuide)

CureVac – GSK, COVID-19 Vaccine Collaboration and License Agreement

  • Protecting & sharing information | Publication of Results


Development Data” shall mean: (i) CMC Development data (including records of Manufactured batches); (ii) any non–clinical or clinical findings, results and other research data relating to the COVID Products, in any format; and (iii) the formal reports of preclinical toxicology studies and Clinical Studies, such data in each case of (i), (ii) and (iii) required for the Development, Manufacture or Commercialization of the COVID Products, including but not limited to, INDs and other regulatory filings and registration dossiers. 

11. Confidentiality


11.7 Publication of Development Data. The Parties acknowledge the merit of publishing Development Data regarding the COVID Products (other than CMC Development Data) in searchable, peer–reviewed scientific literature in accordance with international scientific publishing practices and standards (including regarding the recognition of contribution and authorship). Either Party may request the other Party to discuss and determine in good faith a joint publication strategy for the Development Data regarding the COVID Products, which shall be effective upon endorsement by the IP Sub–Committee and the respective Alliance Managers. As between the Parties, the Party by whom or on whose behalf the experiment or study generating such Development Data has been conducted, shall be responsible for the publication of such Development Data, unless defined otherwise in a joint publication strategy. Any intended publication of Development Data regarding a COVID Product (including presentations to Third Parties or publication in intellectual property filings) shall be notified to the IP Sub–Committee by the relevant Party as soon as reasonably practicable and in any event at least [*****] before the final decision to publish, to allow the other Party to review and comment on the publication. The other Party may demand that the publication of the proposed presentation or publication is delayed for a period of [*****] in order to assess whether the Development Data intended to be published is patentable. If the other Party decides to pursue patent protection, it may request the publishing Party to further delay the publication of the proposed presentation or publication for a time not exceeding [*****] from the date of the publishing Party’s notification, to enable adequate protection and prosecution of Patent Rights by either Party or their Affiliates.

With respect to any agreements between a Party and Third Parties (including clinical investigators) that a Party enters into after the Closing Date relating to the Development of any COVID Product or otherwise relating to Development activities under this Agreement, such Party shall use reasonable efforts to include publication provisions regarding results of the experiments and studies for such COVID Products that allow such Party to receive and provide a copy of any proposed publications or public presentations to the other Party, which such Party shall submit to the other Party with a reasonable amount of time for review as described in this Section 11.7.

Subject to the above review, a Party shall have the right as required by Applicable Law or its policies and standard operating procedures to (a) publish protocol summaries, results summaries, protocols, clinical study reports, plain language summaries and other study documents of all Clinical Studies conducted by or on behalf of such Party during the Term of this Agreement in any clinical trial register, including any of its own clinical trial registers; (b) publicly disclose results from other Clinical Studies where that Party determines that the results are scientifically important or relevant for patient care; and (c) make any other public disclosures of clinical Development Data that become required by GSK or CureVac due to Applicable Laws.