Master Alliance Provisions Guide (MAPGuide)

CEPI – VBI, COVID-19 Vaccine Development Funding Agreement

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AMC Countries” means those countries which are eligible to participate in the COVAX AMC from time to time (listed in Annex E as at the Effective Date).

16. Commercial Benefits

16.1 Commercial Benefits. CEPI is required by its own funders to obtain a share of any Awardee’s Commercial Benefits as a contribution to support CEPI’s programme activities. For clarity, examples of Commercial Benefits include the sales of a Project Vaccine at market prices, commercial licensing of Project IP, receipt of government-granted incentives such as Priority Review Vouchers and revenue from the commercialisation of combination, derivative or follow-on products (including antibody products, assays and vaccines) or application of production technology resulting in whole or part from CEPI funding.

16.2 Waiver of Commercial Benefits. In consideration for Awardee’s acceptance and compliance with the provisions of Clause 15, CEPI agrees to forgo any share of potential Commercial Benefits otherwise applicable under Sub-Clause 16.1 during the Pandemic Period. Following the Pandemic Period and except during a period of regional Outbreak pursuant to Section 15.5.(c), the Awardee shall promptly notify CEPI of any Commercial Benefits in respect of any sales of a Project Vaccine for which CEPI provides funding through Phase 2 clinical studies (or any Project Vaccine if (i) this Agreement is terminated by CEPI pursuant to Clause 20.2 or Clause 20.3(c) – (e); or (ii) Awardee does not accept further funding from CEPI offered on similar terms to those set out in this Agreement) in any country other than an AMC Country. Following receipt by CEPI of any such notice, Awardee and CEPI shall discuss the sharing of such Commercial Benefits in the Field, commensurate with CEPI’s funding contributions and stage of investment, through an appropriate mechanism agreed in good faith by the Parties within ninety (90) days.