Master Alliance Provisions Guide (MAPGuide)

CEPI – VBI, COVID-19 Vaccine Development Funding Agreement

  • Protecting & sharing information | Publication of Results

9. Dissemination of Project Results; Publication

9.1 Dissemination of Project Data. Awardee shall disseminate pre–clinical and clinical trial data (including any negative results, model animal Project Vaccine–related deaths and any toxicology study issues) produced under the Project (collectively, “Project Data”), as described in the iPDP and this Agreement or as otherwise agreed by the JMAG.

9.2 Dissemination of Project Materials. Awardee shall disseminate biological samples, Project Vaccines, and other tangible materials produced under the Project (collectively, “Project Materials”) as described in the iPDP and this Agreement or as otherwise agreed by the JMAG. If Awardee develops animal models under the Project, they shall also be considered Project Materials and disseminated as described in the iPDP and this Agreement or as otherwise agreed by the JMAG.

9.3 Publication of Project Data for the Outbreak Research Community. Project Data shall be shared by the Awardee and CEPI openly and rapidly with the broader community to inform the public health response and help save lives. Key principles of this sharing of data have been agreed to by funders, research organisations, government agencies, civil society organisations and for–profit life science enterprises, as described in the Wellcome Trust’s Statement on Sharing Research Data and Findings Relevant to the Coronavirus (COVID–19) Outbreak to which CEPI is a signatory. Additional guidance is provided in (i) WHO’s 2016 Guidance for Managing Ethical Issues in Infectious Disease OutbreaksOutbreaks; and (ii) WHO’s 2016 Guidance on Good Participatory Practices in Trials of Interventions Against Emerging Pathogens.

9.4 Clinical Trial Registration and Results:

(a) Clinical trials must be registered through an easily discoverable existing public route such as, The EU Clinical Trials Register, and/or the International Clinical Trials Registry Platform, in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations. The information provided shall follow the current WHO Trial Registration Data Set. The clinical trial ID or registry identifier code/number shall be included in all publications of clinical trials.

(b) Clinical trial results (including negative results) must be disclosed publicly following database lock in as close to real time as is possible. Publication should be made through an easily discoverable existing public route (website or system) that includes a metadata description, where patient privacy is upheld, and the system follows a request–for–information approach (where requests are fulfilled subject to an independent review and approval step). Clinical trial data shall be submitted for publication within four (4) months after each final study report or comparable report is submitted to CEPI. During the same time period, Awardee shall make the results available to the national Ministry of Health or equivalent in the countries where trials are held. Related clinical trial data shall be deposited in an open sharing platform such as, Vivli Center for Global Clinical Research Data, or an equivalent service.

9.5 Open Access. CEPI requires “Open Access” for all Project Results. This means that the Awardee must ensure that a copy of the final manuscript of all research publications, journal articles, scholarly monologues and book chapters published under this Clause 9 is deposited into PubMed Central (or Europe PubMed Central) or otherwise made freely available upon acceptance for publication or immediately after the publisher’s official date of final publication. Moreover, Awardee shall ensure that all peer–reviewed published research that is funded, in whole or in part, by CEPI shall be published in accordance with the principles of Plan S (“Accelerating the transition to full and immediate Open Access to scientific publications”), a UK and European data sharing initiative for research funded by public grants. Awardee shall comply with CEPI’s reasonable requests to share information in a preprint service such as bioRxiv.

9.6 Statement of Support in Publications. All such publications shall include a statement that the work was “supported, in whole or in part, by funding from CEPI” (or such other words to the same effect) and shall credit, where appropriate, the country in which any clinical trials were performed.