Master Alliance Provisions Guide (MAPGuide)

CEPI – Valneva, Chikungunya Vaccine Funding Agreement

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Project data” – all data and information, including all pre-clinical and clinical study data, produced or arising as a result of the Project. [§11.1]

7. Clinical Studies


7.4 The Awardee will

c. publish details of any clinical study in a publicly accessible clinical study register, where patient privacy is upheld, as required under law and, as applicable, prior to the commencement of patient recruitment for such clinical study;

11. Dissemination and Publication of Project Data


11.2 Sharing of Project Data with the Research Community. Awardee will share with the research community Project Data relevant to topics of interest to the research community, such as disease–specific assays, animal models, correlates of protection or diagnostics and epidemic preparedness mechanisms, as described in the IPDP and agreed in the JMAG, subject to the Awardee’s right, prior to such Project Data entering the public domain, (i) to remove Trade Secret Information and Confidential Information within Awardee Background IP, if any, included in such Project Data and (ii) in case there is any patentable subject matter included in such Project Data, to delay such Project Data entering the public domain for a reasonable period of time, not to exceed [***].

11.3 Publication of Project Results. CEPI encourages Awardee’s timely publication of Project Data and other Project Results in scientific literature. With regard to pre–clinical studies, the Parties agree that Awardee shall be required to publish (i) correlate of protection data no later than [***] after the date of submission of such data to the relevant regulatory authorities; and (ii) the results of the NHP and mosquito studies no later than [***] after the date of the final report for such studies. No less than [***] prior to submission of any such proposed publication, Awardee shall submit such publication to CEPI for review. In the event that CEPI has any comments on the proposed publication, Awardee shall cooperate with CEPI in good faith to incorporate CEPI’s comments prior to publication. All such publications (other than publications that relate exclusively to the Awardee–Funded Study) shall include a statement that the work was “funded in whole or in part by CEPI and EU Horizon 2020.” With respect to publications relating to clinical trials other than the Awardee–Funded Study, Awardee shall credit where appropriate the country in which the clinical trials were performed and make the results of such clinical trials available to the relevant country’s Ministry of Health or equivalent. In the event CEPI wishes to publish any Project Results, CEPI shall submit such proposed publication to Awardee for review no less than [***] prior to submission for publication and if, within [***] after receipt of such proposed publication, (i) Awardee notifies CEPI of specific content in such proposed publication that constitutes Trade Secret Information or Confidential Information within Awardee Background IP, then CEPI shall remove such specific content from the proposed publication, or (ii) Awardee notifies CEPI that there is patentable subject matter contained in such proposed publication, CEPI shall delay submission of the proposed publication for a reasonable period of time requested by Awardee, not to exceed [***].

11.4 Clinical Study Data. CEPI’s Clinical Trials Policy requires that clinical data and results (including negative results) must be disclosed publicly in as close to real time as possible. Accordingly, such data and results must be shared through an easily discoverable public route (website or system) that includes a metadata description, where patient privacy is upheld, and the system follows a request–for–information approach (where requests are fulfilled subject to an independent review and approval step). Clinical study data will be submitted for publication within [***] after each final study report or report submitted to CEPI unless Awardee has reasons for a delay of the publication of the clinical study data and said delay is agreed in writing with CEPI. The Clinical Trial ID or registry identifier code/number shall be included in all publications of clinical trials. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the terms of this Clause 11.4 shall not be mandatory with respect to clinical data and results arising from the Awardee–Funded Study.

11.5 Outbreak–Related Publications. Additionally, Project Data will be shared in accordance with WHO’s 2016 Guidance for Managing Ethical Issues in Infectious Disease Outbreaks and WHO’s 2016 Guidance on Good Participatory Practices in Trials of Interventions Against Emerging Pathogens.

11.6 Open Access. CEPI requires “Open Access” for Project Data. This means that a copy of the final manuscript of all research publications, journal articles, scholarly monologues and book chapters published under this Clause 11 must be deposited into PubMed Central (or Europe PubMed Central) or otherwise made freely available upon acceptance for publication or immediately after the publisher’s official date of final publication. Moreover, all peer–reviewed published research that is funded, in whole or in part, by CEPI shall be published in accordance with the principles of “Plan S” – Accelerating the transition to full and immediate Open Access to scientific publications, a UK and European data sharing initiative for research funded by public grants.