Master Alliance Provisions Guide (MAPGuide)

Cellscript – BioNTech mRNA Technology Patent Sublicense

  • Protecting & sharing information | Confidentiality

<p><span style=”textdecoration: underline;”><b>5. Confidentiality and Use of Namesb>span>p>
<p><strong>5.1 Confidentialitystrong><span style=”fontweight: 400;”><strong>.strong> Each Party agrees that it will not, under this Agreement, provide to the other Party or its affiliates any Confidential Information of such Party unless (i) such Party has first identified the general nature of such Confidential Information to such other Party in writing and such other Party has affirmatively agreed in writing to receive such Confidential Information, or (ii) such other Party has specifically requested such Confidential Information in writing. For clarity, any such consent or request issued by email or other written electronic means shall satisfy the foregoingwritingrequirements. Any Confidential Information disclosed by a Party to the other Party other than in accordance with this Section 5.1 will be deemed not to be Confidential Information of such Party. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Cellscript is obligated to accept and treat as confidential any Confidential Information disclosed by Company in the reports or notices required by Sections 2.1, 2.3, 3.3, 3.4.3(a), 4.1, 4.4, 4.5, 4.6 and 6.6, which information Company agrees Cellscript may disclose to mRNA RiboTherapeutics or Penn without the prior written consent of Company.span>p>
<p><strong>5.2 Confidential Informationstrong><span style=”fontweight: 400;”><strong>.strong> Each Party (“span><em><b>Disclosing Partyb>em><span style=”fontweight: 400;”>”) may disclose to the other Party (“span><em><b>Receiving Partyb>em><span style=”fontweight: 400;”>”), and Receiving Party may acquire during the course and conduct of activities under the Agreement, certain proprietary or confidential information of Disclosing Party in connection with this Agreement. The termspan><em><b>Confidential Informationb>em><span style=”fontweight: 400;”>” shall mean all ideas and information of any kind, whether in written, oral, graphical, machinereadable or other form, whether or not marked as confidential or proprietary, which are transferred, disclosed or made available by Disclosing Party in accordance with Section 5.1.span>p>
<p><strong>5.3 Restrictionsstrong><span style=”fontweight: 400;”><strong>.strong> During the Term and for span>[***] <span style=”fontweight: 400;”>years thereafter, Receiving Party shall keep all Disclosing Partys Confidential Information in confidence with the same degree of care with which Receiving Party holds its own confidential information. Receiving Party shall not use Disclosing Partys Confidential Information except in connection with the performance of its obligations and exercise of its rights under this Agreement. Receiving Party has the right to disclose Disclosing Partys Confidential Information without Disclosing Partys prior written consent, to the extent and only to the extent reasonably necessary, to Receiving Partys affiliates and their employees, subcontractors, consultants or agents who have a need to know such Confidential Information in order to perform Receiving Partys obligations or exercise Receiving Partys rights under this Agreement, provided said affiliates and their employees, subcontractors, consultants or agents are required to comply with a written confidentiality agreement having restrictions on use and disclosure of Disclosing Partys Confidential Information which are no less stringent than those in this Section 5.3. Receiving Party assumes responsibility for compliance with such restrictions by its affiliates and their employees, subcontractors, consultants or agents.span>p>
<p><strong>5.4 Exceptionsstrong><span style=”fontweight: 400;”><strong>.strong> Receiving Partys obligation of nondisclosure and the limitations upon the right to use the Disclosing Partys Confidential Information shall not apply to the extent that Receiving Party can demonstrate, as evidenced by contemporaneous written records, that the Disclosing Partys information: (i) was known to Receiving Party or any of its affiliates prior to the time of disclosure; (ii) is or becomes public knowledge through no fault or omission of Receiving Party or any of its affiliates;(iii) is obtained by Receiving Party or any of its affiliates from a Third Party under no obligation of confidentiality to Disclosing Party; (iv) has been independently developed by employees, subcontractors, consultants or agents of Receiving Party or any of its affiliates without the aid, application or use of Disclosing Partys Confidential Information or (v) is not Confidential Information under Section 5.1.span>p>
<p><strong>5.5 Permitted Disclosuresstrong><span style=”fontweight: 400;”><strong>.strong> Receiving Party may disclose Disclosing Partys Confidential Information to the extent (and only to the extent) such disclosure is reasonably necessary in the following instances:span>p>
<p style=”paddingleft: 25px;”><span style=”fontweight: 400;”>5.5.1 in order to comply with applicable law (including any securities law or regulation or the rules of a securities exchange) or with a legal or administrative proceeding;span>p>
<p style=”paddingleft: 25px;”><span style=”fontweight: 400;”>5.5.2 in connection with prosecuting or defending litigation, regulatory approvals and other regulatory filings and communications, and filing, prosecuting and enforcing Patents in connection with Receiving Partys rights and obligations pursuant to this Agreement; andspan>p>
<p style=”paddingleft: 25px;”><span style=”fontweight: 400;”>5.5.3 in connection with exercising its rights hereunder, to its affiliates; to potential and future collaborators and sublicensees; permitted acquirersor assignees; and investment bankers, investors and lenders, except that Cellscript will obtain the prior written consent of Company before disclosing any information disclosed to Cellscript pursuant to Sections 2.1, 2.3, 3.3,3.4.3(a), 4.1, 4.4, 4.6 and 6.6;span>p>
<p><span style=”fontweight: 400;”>provided that (1) with respect to Sections 5.5.1 or 5.5.2, where reasonably possible, Receiving Party shall notify Disclosing Party of Receiving Partys intent to make any disclosure pursuant thereto sufficiently prior to making such disclosure so as to allow Disclosing Party adequate time to take whatever action it may deem appropriate to protect the confidentiality of the information to be disclosed, and (2) with respect to Section 5.5.3, each of those named people and entities are required to comply with the restrictions on use and disclosure in Section 5.3 (other than investment bankers, investors and lenders, which must be bound prior to disclosure by commercially reasonable obligations of confidentiality).span>p>
<p><strong>5.6 Terms of this Agreementstrong><span style=”fontweight: 400;”><strong>.strong> The Parties agree that the terms of this Agreement shall be treated as Confidential Information of both Parties, and thus may be disclosed only as permitted by Section 5.5. Each Party agrees not to issue any press release or public statement disclosing information relating to this Agreement or the terms hereof without the prior written consent of the other Party not to be unreasonably withheld.span>p>
<p><strong>5.7 Relationship to the Confidentiality Agreementstrong><span style=”fontweight: 400;”><strong>.strong> This Agreement is in addition to certainspan><b>Confidentiality Agreementsb><span style=”fontweight: 400;”>” between the Parties dated the 1span><span style=”fontweight: 400;”>st span><span style=”fontweight: 400;”>of January, 2014, and the 4span><span style=”fontweight: 400;”>th span><span style=”fontweight: 400;”>of January, 2017, and (a) allConfidential Informationas defined therein that is disclosed or received by the Parties prior to the Effective Date shall continue to be subject to the terms and conditions of the Confidentiality Agreement and (b) all Confidential Information disclosed or received by the Parties following the Effective Date shall be subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. For the avoidance of doubt, all other confidentiality agreements concluded between Cellscript and Company prior to the Effective Date of this Agreement shall be superseded by this Agreement.span>p>
<p><strong>5.8 Use of Penns, Cellscripts or Companys Namestrong><span style=”fontweight: 400;”><strong>.strong> Company and its Affiliates, Third Party sublicensees, employees, and agents are not granted any rights hereunder to use the name, logo, seal, trademark, or service mark (including any adaptation of them) of Penn or any Penn school, or their respective organizations, employees, students or representatives, without the prior written consent of Penn. Except to the extent permitted pursuant to this Article 5, neither Party shall have any right, express or implied, to use in any manner the name or other designation of the other Party or any other trade name or trademark of the other Party for any Purpose, except as may be required by applicable law or regulation.span>p>