Master Alliance Provisions Guide (MAPGuide)

Gates Foundation – CureVac – GSK, Letter Agreement for Alignment on Global Access Commitments

  • Protecting & sharing information | Information sharing
  • Protecting & sharing information | Publication of Results

4. Except as specifically defined otherwise in this agreement, and unless otherwise agreed by GSK, CureVac and BMGF in writing in accordance with this agreement, CureVac will conduct BMGF–funded Projects separately from and in parallel to any vaccine or other medicine development program conducted by CureVac and GSK under the CLA, and put in place adequate firewalling measures to ensure such separation.

5. Subject to the execution of an appropriate confidentiality agreement, BMGF, CureVac and GSK will as soon as reasonably possible following the Effective Date define a process to (i) exchange between them, at an agreed frequency, information regarding the status, progress and results of their respective efforts to develop [*****] Vaccines, including the sharing of development data for use in support of the development of the respective [*****] Vaccines, and (ii) discuss and agree upon the publication of information, results and development data relating to the respective [*****] Vaccines, in a manner that encourages the dissemination of scientific findings, so that CureVac and BMGF may timely publish Funded Developments (as defined in the BMGF Agreements on the Effective Date) in compliance with BMGF’s Open Access Policy, while enabling the parties to preserve their intellectual property interests, and (iii) discuss in good faith the approach for other matters where (iv) decisions taken by BMGF alone or together with CureVac may materially adversely impact the development of GSK [*****]Vaccines or (y) decisions taken by GSK alone or together with CureVac may materially adversely impact the development of BMGF [*****] Vaccines.