Master Alliance Provisions Guide (MAPGuide)

BMGF – CureVac, Global Access Commitments Agreement

  • Equitable Access | Territory access commitments

3. Global Access Commitments

(c) Manufacture of Access Country Doses. The Company agrees to manufacture Access Country Doses in an amount based on a rolling forecast provided by the Foundation to the Company of expected demand for Access Country Doses up to a maximum of [*****] of its New Facility Total Manufacturing Capacity (or the reasonable equivalent thereof in the event the New Facility is combined with or replaced by other manufacturing facilities, including, without limitation, as a result of a Change in Control). For such purpose, the Foundation will provide the Company with at least [*****] prior notice before it is required to begin manufacturing Access Country Doses. Unless and until such notice has been given by the Foundation, the Company will have the right to allocate 100% of its New Facility Total Manufacturing Capacity at the Company’s discretion. For the avoidance of doubt, the Company will not be required to manufacture vaccines and drugs that have been developed by third parties (other than Foundation-supported Entities participating in any Project as provided above) unrelated to the Company using funds received from the Foundation.

[“Access Country Doses” means vaccines and drugs the Company has developed using funds from the Foundation or Foundation-supported Entities in connection with Projects and that are intended for use in the Access Countries (including, without limitation, vaccines and drugs for use in clinical trials).

5. Representations, Warranties, Covenants of the Foundation

(c) Use of Product in Access Countries Only. The Foundation acknowledges that the Company intends to take reasonable and diligent efforts to ensure that the Products intended for use in the Access Countries will be utilized in Access Countries only and to prevent parallel imports of such Products into non-Access Countries, which efforts may include the Company placing an indication on the packaging of the Products that they are for use in Access Countries only and are not to be exported into any other countries. If the Company reasonably believes that parallel imports of such Products outside the Access Countries are occurring, the Company will notify the Foundation and the Parties will cooperate in good faith to verify the circumstances and take such reasonable action as they mutually agree is necessary; provided that the Foundation will not be responsible for the actions of any third party or any actions outside of its control. For the avoidance of doubt and unless otherwise agreed, the Company is not required to arrange for the commercialization of Products in the Access Countries.