Master Alliance Provisions Guide (MAPGuide)

Gates Foundation – Arsanis, S. Aureus Antibody Strategic Relationship Letter Agreement

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3. Global Access Commitments


(i) Progress Review Group. The Company and the Foundation will each designate up to [**] individuals to be part of a progress review group (the “Progress Review Group”) that will provide a forum for discussion of the progress of the Company’s S. aureus antibody development program (including antibodies being developed for use in developed countries) and the Funded Developments. The Progress Review Group will meet via teleconference at least [**] (unless both parties agree that any [**] meeting will be conducted via teleconference). With the agreement of both parties and subject to the execution of appropriate confidentiality agreements, third parties may be invited from time to time to participate in certain Progress Review Group discussions.

5. Withdrawal Right

(a) The Withdrawal Right described and defined in this Section 5 will be triggered only as a result of a Charitability Default.

(b) A “Charitability Default” will occur if the Company (i) is in material breach of any of the Global Access Commitments, including the material failure to conduct the Programs as described above, other than for reasons of regulatory, technical or scientific failure not within the reasonable control of the Company and not known to the Company at or before closing of the Foundation Investment, (ii) fails to comply with the restrictions in Sections 2 and 9 of this Letter Agreement on the use of proceeds from the Foundation Investment, or (iii) fails to comply with the other related U.S. legal obligations set forth in this Letter Agreement, including the requirements set forth in Sections 6, 9, 11, and 12. Each party agrees to promptly notify the other party in writing if it becomes aware of a Charitability Default and the Company will thereafter promptly provide to the Foundation a proposed strategy to remedy the Charitability Default. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Foundation will not lose any rights or remedies solely as a result of a failure to notify the Company after it becomes aware of a Charitability Default.

7. Board Observer

As long as the Foundation or an Affiliate thereof owns any Foundation Stock, the Foundation shall be entitled to designate one person to attend all meetings of the Company’s Board of Directors and committees thereof in a nonvoting observer capacity and the Company shall give such representative copies of all notices, minutes, consents, and other materials that it provides to its directors at the same time and in the same manner as provided to such directors; provided that the Company reserves the right to withhold any information and to exclude such representative from any meeting or portion thereof if access to such information or attendance at such meeting could adversely affect the attorney–client privilege between the Company and its counsel or result in a potential conflict of interest on the part of the Foundation.

9. Prohibited Uses

The Company will not expend any proceeds of the Foundation Investment to carry on propaganda or otherwise to attempt to influence legislation, to influence the outcome of any specific public election or to carry on, directly or indirectly, any voter registration drive, or to participate or intervene in any political campaign on behalf of or in opposition to any candidate for public office within the meaning of Section 4945(d) of the Code. The proceeds of the Foundation Investment will not (a) be earmarked to be used for any activity, appearance or communication associated with the activities described in the foregoing sentence, nor (b) be intended for the direct benefit, and will not benefit, any person having a personal or private interest in the Foundation, including descendants of the founders of the Foundation, or persons related to or controlled by, directly or indirectly, such private interests.