Master Alliance Provisions Guide (MAPGuide)

Gates Foundation – Arsanis RSV Monoclonal Antibodies Funding Agreement

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The Foundation will pay You up to the total grant amount specified in the Reporting & Payment Schedule below. The Foundation’s Primary Contact must approve in writing any Budget cost category change of more than 10%.


For the avoidance of doubt, the Foundation will make the first payment in full subject to the applicable milestone and compliance with this Agreement, but  the subsequent payment is an “up to” amount and may be reduced in the Foundation’s discretion based on its assessment of Your completion of, or progress against, targets and milestones.


You will track the time of all employees, contingent workers, and any other individuals whose compensation will be paid in whole or in part by Grant Funds. Such individuals will keep records (e.g., timesheets) of actual time worked on the Project in increments of sixty minutes or less and brief descriptions of tasks performed.


You will provide the results of the “go/no–go” milestone(s) identified in the Reporting & Payment Schedule by the applicable due date. During the course of the project The Foundation will then determine, in its sole discretion, whether to provide continued funding under this Agreement. If the Foundation determines that it will not continue funding, the Foundation will terminate this Agreement in accordance with its terms.


You may not use funds provided under the Agreement (“Grant Funds”) for any purpose other than the Project. You may not use Grant Funds to reimburse any expenses You incurred prior to the Start Date; provided, however, that the Foundation hereby approves using Grant Funds to reimburse expenses specifically included in the Budget incurred by You prior to the Start Date. At the Foundation’s request, You will repay any portion of Grant Funds and/or Income that the Foundation determines in its discretion was used or committed in material breach of this Agreement.


You must invest Grant Funds in highly liquid investments with the primary objective of preservation of principal (e.g., interest– bearing bank accounts or a registered money market mutual fund) so that the Grant Funds are available for the Project. Together with any progress or final reports required under this Agreement, You must report the amount of any currency conversion gains (or losses) and the amount of any interest, or other income generated by the Grant Funds (collectively, “Income” ). Any Income must be used for the Project.