Master Alliance Provisions Guide (MAPGuide)

Gates Foundation – Arsanis RSV Monoclonal Antibodies Funding Agreement

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You will submit reports according to the Reporting & Payment Schedule using the Foundation’s templates or forms, which the Foundation will make available to You and which may be modified from time to time. For a progress or final report to be considered satisfactory, it must demonstrate meaningful progress against the targets or milestones for that investment period. If meaningful progress has not been made, the report should explain why not and what adjustments You are making to get back on track. Please notify the Foundation’s Primary Contact if You need to add or modify any targets or milestones. The Foundation must approve any such changes in writing. You agree to submit other reports the Foundation may reasonably request


You must invest Grant Funds in highly liquid investments with the primary objective of preservation of principal (e.g., interest–bearing bank accounts or a registered money market mutual fund) so that the Grant Funds are available for the Project. Together with any progress or final reports required under this Agreement, You must report the amount of any currency conversion gains (or losses) and the amount of any interest, or other income generated by the Grant Funds (collectively, Income). Any Income must be used for the Project.


During the term of this Agreement and for 5 years after, You will submit upon request annual intellectual property reports related to the Funded Developments, Background Technology, and any related agreements using the Foundation’s templates or forms, which the Foundation may modify from time to time.


You will conduct, control, manage, and monitor the Project in compliance with all applicable ethical, legal, regulatory, and safety requirements, including applicable international, national, state, local, institutional, and school district or school network standards (“Requirements”). You will obtain and maintain all necessary approvals, consents, and reviews before conducting the applicable activity. As a part of Your annual progress report to the Foundation, You must report whether the Project activities were conducted in compliance with all Requirements.


If during the term of this Agreement You are audited by your internal audit department or by a third party and such audit identifies any deficiencies relevant to the management of the Project, You will provide the audit report to the Foundation upon request, including the management letter and a detailed plan for remedying any deficiencies observed (“Remediation Plan”), as relevant to the management of the Project. The Remediation Plan must include (a) details of actions You will take to correct any deficiencies observed, and (b) target dates for successful completion of the actions to correct the deficiencies; in each case, as relevant to the management of the Project.