Master Alliance Provisions Guide (MAPGuide)

AUTM Model Inter-Institutional Research Collaboration Agreement

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Patent Expenses” means all reasonable, out-of-pocket expenses incurred relating to the preparation, filing, prosecution, maintenance or defense of Patent Rights, both past and future. For avoidance of doubt, the salaries and overhead costs of each Party’s technology transfer office or legal affairs office are not included as out-of-pocket expenses for purposes of calculating the Patent Expenses. 

License Consideration” means collectively all money and other items of value (excluding research grants), including up-front license fees (whether cash, equity, or other consideration), annual maintenance fees, patent expense reimbursements, milestone fees, minimum royalties, earned royalties, and other consideration received from a Licensee or its sub-licensees, or otherwise received on account of licensing or optioning the Patent Rights.

Net Consideration” means the License Consideration less the Administration Fee and unreimbursed Patent Expenses paid by the Parties.

5. Records, Reports and Audits

5.1 Books and Records. Lead Institution will keep complete, true and accurate accounts of all Patent Expenses and of all License Consideration received by it from each Licensee of the Patent Rights and will permit Other Institution(s) to examine its books and records in order to verify the payments due or owed under this Agreement.

5.2 Payments and Reports. Lead Institution will calculate the allocation of License Consideration in accordance with the terms of this Agreement and furnish to the Other Institution(s) a written report of receipts and calculations and deliver the Net Consideration due to the Other Institution(s), if any, with the report. Such reports and distributions will be provided with the same frequency that Lead Institution distributes revenue to its inventors, but no less frequently than once per year. Lead Institution will provide the Other Institution(s) copies of reports, sublicense agreements and other material documents received from Licensees.

5.3 Annual Reports. Upon request by Other Institution(s), Lead Institution will submit to Other Institution(s) an annual report setting forth the status of all patent prosecution, commercial development and licensing activity relating to the Patent Rights for the preceding year.

12. Sponsor Reporting

Each Party will assume responsibility for reporting the Patent Rights to its own government and other research sponsors as may be required, provided that if Lead Institution and the Other Institution(s) both received federal funding for the research that resulted in the Patent Rights, then the Lead Institution will take responsibility for the federal reporting, and provide viewing rights or copies of sponsor reports to the other Party