Master Alliance Provisions Guide (MAPGuide)

AUTM Model Inter-Institutional Agreement

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4. Financial Terms

4.2 License Consideration.

(a) The Lead Institution will have the responsibility, obligation and authority to receive and collect the License Consideration payable under the License Agreement, and perform such audits under the License Agreement as the Lead Institution deems appropriate. The Lead Institution will keep the Other Institution(s) informed as to all receipts of the License Consideration in accordance with Section 5.2. The Lead Institution will keep the Other Institution(s) reasonably informed of any material delinquencies, deficiencies or defaults by the Licensee in performing the License Agreement.

(b) The Lead Institution will deduct from the License Consideration and retain for itself or reimburse the Other Institution(s) the following amounts:  first, the Patent Expenses (which will be distributed to the Parties in proportion to the Patent Expenses actually paid by each Party and not yet reimbursed, including Past Patent Expenses), and second, the Administration Fee, if any. The Net Consideration will be distributed to the Other Institution(s) in accordance with the Share of Net Consideration set forth in the Transaction Terms. Each Party will be responsible for paying out of its Share of Net Consideration any obligations it owes with respect to Third-Party Interests, unless stated otherwise in the Transaction Terms.  The Lead Institution may not deduct or retain for itself or reimburse the Other Institution(s) for any costs or expenses other than Patent Expenses, unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Parties.

4.3 Allocation of Proceeds. If the Lead Institution licenses the Patent Rights together with other patent or intellectual property rights controlled by Lead Institution that are not covered by this Agreement, the Parties will negotiate in good faith to determine the portion of the gross licensing proceeds received under the License Agreement that are attributable to the Patent Rights.