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ATI – Regeneron, COVID-19 Antibodies Manufacturing Agreement

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Statement of Work: B. Overall Objectives and Scope

1.5 Follow-on Activity

In accordance with 10.U.S.C. 2371b(f), and upon successful demonstration of the prototype, or at the accomplishment of particularly favorable or unexpected results achieved outside of this Agreement that would justify transitioning to production (e.g., EUA or BLA), additional at-scale manufacturing of [* * *], supported by a mutually agreed upon follow-on production contract or Other Transaction Agreement, may be awarded to Regeneron, without further competition, to partially or completely meet the USG objective of supplying a safe and effective COVID-19 therapeutic or prophylactic treatment courses to ensure nationwide access. For clarity, any manufacturing and supply of drug product in excess of the specific quantities set forth in Section 4.0 of this Statement of Work shall be subject to a mutually-agreed upon separate agreement between Regeneron and the Government. For further clarity, neither party shall be obligated to negotiate or enter into such a separate agreement for follow-on production.

During the performance of the prototype project, the Government and contractor may negotiate the scope and price of follow-on production.

4.0 Deliverables

Offeror assumed [* * *]. Regeneron shall have the right to provide deliverables directly to the Government and not to the Consortium Management Firm (CMF).

Deliverable Table (June 2020 – June 2021) [content redacted]

*Upon payment, delivery and acceptance in accordance with the terms of this Project Agreement, the Government will have title to the product produced under this Statement of Work. The Government will have the rights described below in Section 7.3 to technical data disclosed under this Statement of Work.

** Packaging and labeling of product will be performed following the determination of the use of the applicable drug product (e.g., for clinical trials or for distribution under an EUA or BLA).

5.0 Milestone Payment Schedule; Termination Costs

The overall price is fixed price at $450,262,000. Milestone payments will be made quarterly as set forth in the table above [table content redacted], corresponding to the deliverables and any 3rd party commitments Regeneron needs to make. In the event the deliverables in a given quarter are less than or exceed the projected quantity, the milestone payment for such quarter will be equitably adjusted based on the shortfall or excess amount, as applicable, however the price will not exceed $450,262,000 Milestone payment terms will be net 30 days.

Total pricing is a firm fixed price per lot, [* * *]. Regeneron will deliver [* * *] of filled/finished drug product. Regeneron will be entitled to full payment for drug product upon delivery/acceptance (as described herein) of filled/finished drug product, prior to packaging and labeling. However, Regeneron shall be responsible for the packaging and labeling of product at no additional cost following the determination of the use of such drug product (e.g., for clinical trials or for distribution under an EUA or BLA). Drug product will comply with the Drug Supply Chain Security Act serialization and tracking requirements. Drug product will not be co-formulated, except as otherwise mutually agreed by the parties. Unless and until otherwise mutually agreed, the drug product produced under this Statement of Work will be filled for therapeutic use. [* * *] Regeneron will provide the Government with the timeline for fill/finish activities, including the dates by which the parties must determine the allocation of fill/finish activities. Notwithstanding the foregoing, as part of this Project Agreement, Regeneron will have the right to utilize material and capacity supported by this agreement to fill up to [* * *], as well as any additional drug product mutually agreed upon by Regeneron and the Government (with respect to which use the Government will not unreasonably withhold consent.

In the event this Statement of Work is terminated prior to completion, termination costs recoverable by Regeneron under Section 2.04 of the MCDC Base Agreement, shall include the following: the full contract price for any drug product manufactured and not yet paid for; a pro-rated portion of the contract price for drug substance or drug product that is in process, based on the stage of production; [* * *] and raw materials that Regeneron purchased (or is obligated to purchase) that cannot be allocated to other products.