Master Alliance Provisions Guide (MAPGuide)

PATH – Aridis, Rotavirus Vaccine Development Agreement

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12. Termination

12.1 Term. The initial Term of this Agreement shall be for a period of eighteen (18) months from the Effective Date, it being understood that the Term of this Agreement is in accordance with the time frame for development through the completion of Phase I of the Project.  The Parties will meet prior to the completion of Phase I to determine the scope of work to be continued under Phase II of the Project and shall amend the Budget, Project Plan, and Term of the Agreement accordingly.  The Parties may amend the Term of this Agreement by a written instrument signed by both Parties.

12.2 Termination upon Completion of Phase I. Subject to the provisions of Section 12.6 below, PVS may terminate this Agreement and its funding of the Project at its election upon sixty (60) days written notice to Aridis.  Either Party at its election may terminate this Agreement at the completion of Phase I and have no further obligations under this Agreement save for those terms that survive termination including the income rights and obligations as set forth in Sections 5.1 and 5.2.  Upon termination of this Agreement as provided hereunder, PVS shall have no further payment obligation to Aridis; provided that PVS shall pay or reimburse Aridis for all activities authorized by PVS and achieved as of the effective date of termination.

12.3 Termination for Breach. Subject to the provisions of Section 12.6 below, in the event that either Party shall breach any of the material terms, conditions or agreements contained in this Agreement and fail to remedy such breach within thirty (30) days of written notice thereof (the “Notice of Breach”) from the non–breaching Party, the non–breaching Party may terminate this Agreement, by giving the breaching Party a second notice (the “Notice of Termination”), which notice shall terminate this Agreement effective ten (10) days following the breaching Party’s receipt of such notice.

12.4 Termination in Event of Bankruptcy. Subject to the provisions of Section 12.6 below, a Party (the “Electing Party”) shall have the right to terminate this Agreement effective immediately upon written notice to the other Party (the “Non–Electing Party”) if: (a) the Non–Electing Party makes an assignment for the benefit of creditors; (b) a receiver is appointed for the Non–Electing Party and is not removed within sixty (60) days, or such assignment is not withdrawn within sixty (60) days; or (c) the Non–Electing Party files a voluntary petition in bankruptcy or is otherwise a party to proceedings in bankruptcy, reorganization or the appointment of a receiver, trustee, or custodian for or over its property and such proceedings, if involuntary are not vacated, set aside or stayed within sixty (60) days after commencement.  The termination shall become effective on the date of receipt of the notice by the Electing Party to the Non–Electing Party.

12.5 Mutual Termination. In addition to the foregoing, this Agreement may be terminated upon the mutual written agreement of the Parties only if the Parties set forth their agreement to terminate in a written document signed by a senior executive of each Party.

12.6 Effect of Termination

12.6.1 If this Agreement is terminated by PVS or Aridis, with respect to any activity not yet completed, Aridis shall promptly refund to PVS all unspent funds paid by PVS to Aridis, less (i) any non–cancelable amounts paid or non–cancelable obligations incurred prior to termination; and (ii) those funds as agreed to by PVS in support of the wind down of Aridis activities upon such notice of termination.

12.6.2 The parties acknowledge and agree that the mission of PVS to accelerate development of a Rotavirus Vaccine and to ensure its widespread and timely availability and accessibility for use in Developing Countries will be substantially impaired if this Agreement is terminated.  Therefore, in the event of termination of this Agreement by either Party for any of the reasons as set forth in Section 12.2, 12.3, 12.4 or 12.5, upon such termination, the following provisions and terms shall automatically become and/or continue to be effective: (a) except for termination due to breach or voluntary termination by PVS prior to completion of Phase I and through no breach of Aridis, the grant of license by Aridis to PVS pursuant to Section 5.1 shall survive; (b) Aridis promptly shall provide to PVS all know–how, and materials not already provided to PVS necessary for the further development of the selected formulations and rights as granted under Section 4.2 and Section 5.1; and (c) Aridis shall execute and deliver such documents and instruments as PVS may reasonably request to further evidence or give effect to this Section 12.6.2.

12.6.3 In the event of termination of this Agreement by either Party, then upon such termination, the following provisions and terms shall automatically become and continue to be effective:  (a) Aridis shall have the right to continue the Project under its own funding and resources and shall have the right to use for commercial purposes all Project Intellectual Property; and (b) PVS shall have the rights as set forth in Sub–Section 12.6.2

12.6.4 Upon termination of this Agreement, neither Party shall use the name of the other Party without the express written permission of the other Party.

12.7 Termination of Funding Obligations. After fulfilling its financial commitments specified in Section 3.1, PVS shall have no further funding obligations under this Agreement.

12.8 Survival. The provisions of Articles 4, 5 (survival of the licenses granted by Aridis is governed by Section 12.6.2 above), 6, 7, 8, 9 and 13 and Sections 11.2, 12.6 and 12.8 shall survive the expiration or termination of this Agreement to the extent such terms by their nature continue following termination