Master Alliance Provisions Guide (MAPGuide)

PATH – Aridis, Rotavirus Vaccine Development Agreement

  • Protecting & sharing information | Confidentiality

7. Confidentiality

7.1 Exchange of Confidential Information. During the course of this Agreement, Aridis and PVS (the “Disclosing Party,” as the case may be) may provide the other Party (the “Receiving Party”) with certain information, data or material in writing that the Disclosing Party has prominently marked or otherwise prominently identified as confidential or proprietary in nature (“Confidential Information’’).  Without limiting the Parties’ rights under this Agreement, the Receiving Party will use its commercially reasonable efforts to hold such Confidential Information in confidence and to prevent disclosure to third parties in the manner the Receiving Party treats its own similar confidential information (except that disclosure may be made to third parties working with the Receiving Party in connection with development of the Rotavirus Vaccine who are under similar confidentiality obligations).

7.2 Disclosure to Third Parties. In support of the PVS rotavirus vaccine program, either Party may disclose, under appropriate confidentiality provision no less restrictive than the confidentiality and non–use provisions under this Agreement, Confidential Information of the other Party to members of PVS supported working groups and technical advisory groups or to consultants or development partners of PVS or Aridis, respectively, as reasonably necessary for consultation directed toward the advancement of the PVS rotavirus vaccine program.  Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Receiving Party shall have no such non–disclosure obligations with respect to any information identified as Confidential Information and disclosed by the other party that (i) is or becomes publicly available through no breach of this Agreement; (ii) is rightfully in the Receiving Party’s possession prior to the Disclosing Party’s disclosure; (iii) is disclosed to the Receiving Party by an independent third party under no obligation of confidentiality; (iv) is independently developed by the Receiving Party as can be demonstrated by documentary evidence; or (v) is required to be disclosed by the Receiving Party under any applicable law, rule or regulation of any government in any country, but only to the extent of such required disclosure.  Without limiting the foregoing, PVS shall have the right to include Confidential Information as part of PVS’ reports to its donors to the extent such Confidential Information is reasonably necessary to be included within PVS reports of its rotavirus vaccine program activities (in summary or general descriptive form to the extent reasonably feasible, and otherwise so as to minimize disclosure of information not required to be disclosed).

11. Publications; Release of Information

11.2 Use of Names. Neither Party shall use the name of the other in any public documents, publicity or advertising without the prior written consent of the Party. This obligation does not prohibit PVS from disclosing Aridis as a collaborator in the PVS rotavirus program to other PVS collaborators or potential collaborators, nor does it prohibit Aridis from acknowledging the PVS funding received by Aridis under this Agreement to potential partners or investors of Aridis. Unless PVS informs Aridis otherwise, any publication or presentation shall state the following in an appropriate location: “Funded in whole or in part by the PATH Vaccine Solution Rotavirus Vaccine Program.”

11.3 Public Statements. Any press release, public statement or public announcement with respect to the Project shall be subject to the mutual written approval of the Parties. PVS shall not refer to Aridis or any of its representative, officer or director in any Rotavirus Vaccine presentation, Rotavirus Vaccine packaging or promotional materials without the prior written approval of Aridis.