Master Alliance Provisions Guide (MAPGuide)

PATH – Aridis, Rotavirus Vaccine Development Agreement

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6. Commercial Terms for Global Access

6.1 Obligations of Global Access. In the event that Aridis elects to commercialize a Rotavirus Vaccine in the Developing Countries, development of which incorporates or utilizes the Enabling Technology, Aridis shall negotiate in good faith with PVS to insure that the terms under which Aridis is introducing a Rotavirus Vaccine into Developing Countries, either itself or through a commercial partner, provides for availability of a Rotavirus Vaccine to Public Sector purchasers in or for Developing Countries at a preferential price and supply to that provided to Private Sector purchasers in the Developing Countries.  The following provisions in this Article 6 shall be used as the basis for the good faith negotiation of an agreement for the commercialization and supply of a Rotavirus Vaccine in Developing Countries by Aridis.  Such negotiations shall be undertaken between Aridis and PVS upon written notice by Aridis to PVS of Aridis’ intent to enter the Developing Countries market with a Rotavirus Vaccine.  In such negotiations PVS shall in its reasonable discretion take into account the degree to which Enabling Technology has enabled the Aridis Rotavirus Vaccine.

6.2 Supply for Commercial Sale. Upon an election to make and sell a Rotavirus Vaccine to Public Sector purchasers in Developing Countries, Aridis shall manufacture, supply and sell, or cause to be manufactured, supplied and sold, the Rotavirus Vaccine for use in designated Developing Countries for a period of time to be agreed upon by the Parties following licensure of a Rotavirus Vaccine in a Developing Country.  Aridis shall fill, or cause to be filled, Developing Country requirements for Rotavirus Vaccines by using commercially reasonable efforts to supply Rotavirus Vaccines to Public Sector purchasers in such quantities and timeframes sufficient to fulfill the purchase orders for use in Developing Countries.

6.3 Public Sector Pricing. Aridis shall provide Rotavirus Vaccine to Public Sector purchasers at a price to be determined by the Parties, it being understood that in accordance with achievement of the mission of PVS to make available to Developing Countries a Rotavirus Vaccine that is safe, efficacious, accessible and affordable, the Public Sector price for such Rotavirus Vaccine shall be at a substantial discount to the Private Sector price for the same Rotavirus Vaccine.

6.4 Selection of Developing Countries by Aridis. Should Aridis intend to deliver Rotavirus Vaccine into Developing Countries classified as “upper middle income” countries by the World Bank, Aridis may petition PVS for full or partial exclusivity in those territories with respect to the rights otherwise granted to PVS under Section 5.1, subject to determination in PVS’s sole discretion that such exclusivity would not be inconsistent with any PVS obligations and in accordance with its objectives (including its mission to accelerate the development of a rotavirus vaccine and ensure its availability, affordability and accessibility for the developing world).