Master Alliance Provisions Guide (MAPGuide)

Israel – Pfizer Real-World Epidemiological Evidence Collaboration Agreement

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3. Funding/Contribution of the Parties

No funding will be provided under this Agreement. Project Data is collected on a routine basis by MoH for epidemiological, logistical and oversight purposes to monitor pandemic and vaccination status, including data detailed in Exhibit A. To maintain the viability and relevance of the Project , MoH will use its best efforts to ensure timely reporting to PFIZER in accordance with Exhibit B. Both Parties acknowledge that the viability and success of the Project is dependent on the rate and scope of vaccinations in Israel. [redacted text] MoH will assure rapid distribution, deployment, and use of the Product, maintaining all Product storage requirements and ensuring patient safety while ensuring timely and accurate collection of epidemiological data, under applicable regulation requirements.

Pfizer will collaborate with the MoH in the Project by providing, subject to PFIZER’s assessment, qualified PFIZER colleagues and consultants with technical knowledge and subject matter expertise in infectious disease, respiratory disease, vaccines, epidemiology, infectious disease modeling, data analysis and public health, and by providing MoH with the Pfizer Data, subject to applicable legal requirements and based on PFIZER’s reasonable determination.

MoH will share aggregate Project Data with Pfizer and the Parties will jointly analyze such Project Data. MoH reserves the right to continue analyzing and reporting Public Health data collected by the MoH, and information about the product safety and efficacy, publicly. MoH and Pfizer will jointly report in submission for publication, to peer-reviewed scientific or medical journals, the results of the Project. PFIZER will provide to MoH the result of the Project analyses conducted by Pfizer or its consultant.