Master Alliance Provisions Guide (MAPGuide)

Regeneron – ATI Agreement for Large-Scale Manufacturing of Antibodies Directed to SARS-CoV-2

  • IP ownership & licensing | Ownership of results
  • Information sharing & data safety | Information sharing


a. Allocation of Principal Rights

  • i. For Data produced under this SOW including Computer Software, to the extent developed with Government funds provided under this SOW, except as expressly provided elsewhere in this Project Agreement (including Section 7.3.b.), Regeneron grants to the Government a paid-up, nonexclusive, nontransferable, irrevocable, worldwide license in such Data (a) to exercise Government Purpose Rights for a period of ten (10) years following the production of such Data, (b) to exercise Unlimited Rights following the expiration of such ten (10) year period. For Data produced under this Project Agreement, excluding Computer Software, to Regeneron as “Limited Rights Data”, Regeneron grants to the Government a paid-up, nonexclusive, nontransferable, irrevocable, worldwide license in such Data to exercise Limited Rights. The Government will not obtain any rights in Computer Software produced under this Project Agreement to the extent developed with private funds. For certificates of analysis and batch records pertaining to drug product purchased under this Project Agreement, the Government shall have Unlimited Rights.
  • ii. Regeneron agrees to retain and maintain in good condition all Data produced under this Project Agreement and necessary to achieve Practical Application of any Subject Invention in accordance with Regeneron’s established record retention practices. In the event of an exercise of the Government’s compulsory licensing rights as set forth under Section 7.2.h., Regeneron agrees, upon written request from the Government, to deliver at no additional cost to the Government, all existing Data produced under this Project Agreement necessary to achieve Practical Application of the relevant Subject Invention within sixty (60) calendar days from the date of the written request.
  • iii. Regeneron’s right to use Data is not restricted and includes the right under Regeneron’s established business policies to make public research Data (especially human research Data) by publication in the scientific literature, by making trial protocols, trial results summaries, and clinical studies reports publicly available, and by making trial patient-level data available for third-party analysis.

b. Proprietary Manufacturing Data

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Project Agreement, Regeneron retains all rights in and to Data relating to or comprising Regeneron’s proprietary manufacturing technology and processes, including any trade secrets, Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls information (CMC Data), and Data concerning or arising from test method development, device or delivery system development, assay development, formulation, quality assurance/quality control development, technology transfer, process development and scale-up and cell-line development, and the Government shall have no rights to use such Data independently from this Agreement or to disclose such Data to any third party. Regeneron may designate certain Data concerning its manufacturing activities as Limited Rights Data, in which case the Government shall have Limited Rights in and to such Data. Regeneron will use reasonable efforts to mark any Limited Rights Data delivered under this Project Agreement with appropriate Limited Rights markings.

Limited Rights” means the rights to use, modify, reproduce, perform, display, or disclose Data, in whole or in part, within the Government solely for research purposes for the Field. Government will ensure that disclosed information is safeguarded in accordance with the restrictions of this Agreement. The Government may not, without the prior written permission of Recipient, release or disclose the Data outside the Government, use the Data for competitive procurement or manufacture, release or disclose the data for commercial purposes, or authorize the Data to be used by another party. The Parties shall maintain the confidentiality of all Data subject to or designated as falling within Limited Rights.

c. Identification and Disposition of Data

Regeneron shall keep copies of all Data relevant to this Project Agreement as required by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the time specified by the FDA. The Government reserves the right to review any other data determined by the Government to be relevant to this Agreement. The Government further acknowledges that Regeneron holds the commercialization rights for all products developed under this Agreement in the U.S. and will be responsible for their registration with the FDA. This provision is subject to any applicable limitations on the Government’s rights under Article VIII.B. a-b of the BARDA OTA.